For the love of god

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  1. make the selling stop

    Nearly all the gains made since October 2002 are gone. The market was flat a few hours ago. Now down 400 points. WTF??? 7 consecutive down days. All of them triple digits losses.

    make it stop

    please need to stop selling

    SEC needs to impose a ban on placing sell orders. And force all shorts to cover any open positions. :mad:
  2. another 17 minutes fo pain lmao, i am down alot but have stopped worrying about it, what do i get out of worrying, nothing, so i have stopped worrying look on the bright side you can get some stuff really cheap and it mite make back your losses.
  3. btud


  4. Lucrum


  5. -500 fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk
  6. If it goes much further, it will have lost 50% of its value since its high last October. 50% !!!!
  7. No crisis, right dork?
  8. 630 down and dropping
  9. Do not worry, this is only virtual reality, Im going for a reboot
  10. dumbass
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