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    I wonder if there are any online brokerage firm that deals with the more exotic currencies from countries like Hong Kong, China, India, or even SG. The reason for my question is because I am particularly interested in these four markets, especially China and India for long term trade, and Singapore because I live in Singapore and so it is easier to have access on my part for the data in there.

    I am also curious about countries like middle east, etc. I wonder if any online brokerage firms ever dealt with them? Thanks.
  2. I hear Saxo Bank has a lot of pairs..
  3. Saxo has them all, but the back-office consists of three Capuchin monkeys and a ring-tailed Lemur.

  4. I was once bitten by a Spider Monkey. It hurt. Do Lemurs bite?
  5. Only when you go on call.
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    So there are no reputable, less biting companies that trade on the less well known and "moving" currencies?

    And how does Saxo bank bites? (Besides poor customer service during phone operation)
    Does it increase the spread during and before major announcements come up? Does it increase the spread for the less moving currencies (HKD, SGD, etc)
  7. Chood


  8. You think chimps in the B/O is a good thing?
  9. So is it conclusive a man can't trade these exotics anywhere ?

    I asked the same question several months ago and nobody could give me a answer.
  10. As far as HK and SG are concerned, Oanda offers these currencies. Also, have a look at GFT, I think they have a big variety,too.
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