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  1. So let me get this straight, you want to encourage trading with you by giving 300 margins on mini products but asking for almost 10$ a round turn? Great move, lets see if you get the business, how about those same margins with your normal costs and something we like to call risk management! How about making people put stops in when they trade like 30-40 points out in the ym 5-7 pointd in the es.....
  2. I love Global Futures and their $300 daytrade margin...Love it...serious response...LOVE IT!
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    yeah we have see all your serious respones across the forum. I am glad you love getting raped for 10$ r/t
  4. i am not their management, but i am one of their just want to make a comment: i think they offer a great opportunity for anyone to make a lot of money using a smaller account. but its up to the trader to manage the risk properly...and why would your broker tell you put stops? i think if you want to trade, you should have a bit of discipline to atleast place a stop and take full responsibility if you lose your account and don't blame your broker :D
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    Yeah true but they are offering risky margins to people saying will give you a way for u to risk capitial with a small account so set your stops and try not to blow up, but we take no responsibility by offering a newer trader a dangerous weapon. It also says we want newer traders and we do not care about the risk to our firm,so that shouldnt make you feel comfortable being at a place like that, and then also they are going to rape your small accout with commissions, but I do agree that the traders should have there own stops as well
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    By the way I am not trying to be disrespectful to you, just cannot beleive how much they are chargin for that privelage, esecially if someone had a small account. Stops are the key to money management and thats what kills new traders if they do not use it but so does overleveraging. But to each there own I guess. I have an acount at OEC where they just raised the day margins to 1700 which is fine they were 500. They wil lower once volayilty stops.I also have an acount with Tradestation, which TS is crap but they have 1000 dollar margins if u always have a catastrphic stop in there of about 70 points I think and 7 points on the ES.
  7. well, they made me sign a bunch of risk disclosure forms and after reading over them several times, i knew what i was getting myself into. it was a good enough warning about the risks of trading futures...wouldn't that be enough on their part?

    those risk disclosure forms we sign are very important, but i guess most beginners just sign them like Homer Simpson does :D
  8. I can agree with that but you and I know most people do not read thru it! But your right that is the Homer Simpson way , and a way to the demise of the new trader, plus 10$ a r/t :)
  9. Where does it say this offer is for "newer" traders? I agree 9.96 RT all-in, including platform is high for an active intraday trader, it is not SO high in relation to other brokers who work off of published rate cards based on account size and/or trade quota, not inclusive of platform fees, offering only minimally or no reduced intraday margin.

    Furthermore, while I am NOT a client of Global, past or present, I would go out on a limb and suggest that an experienced trader, with a moderately sized account, trading moderate monthly volume, would be able to negotiate a much more favorable commish with Global, while still maintaining the $300 intraday margin, subject to a maximum size per trade.

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  10. I can agree with that Osorico! But its still hgh, and yes I am bored as well. The market is pretty dead. Hopefully Chaos for the last hour and 45 mintues will happen!
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