For the first time in my adult life im really proud of my country.

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    Republicans have blocked the dems from drastically soaking the rich already on three seperate occasions. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Obama had the votes he needed with the dems, taxes would currently be atleast 10% higher for myself, and many others, and spending would have been 10% higher right along with it, causing an even bigger deficit with higher income taxes. There would be a public option, Cap and Trade, and the raise on upper tax brackets which he was trying to push as well.

    Now it is time to drastically reduce spending, someone posted an article from USA today which said that since obama has taken office the number of people making over 150k/yr in government jobs has doubled, that is totally unacceptable and we should start with them, no one who works for the government should even make over 100k, let alone 150, so what we should do immediately is roll back all government salaries to 100k until we can afford them, including the salaries of all congressmen, and the president, until the deficit is gone. Perhaps that would give these assholes some incentive to start cutting spending somewhere since neither side seems to want to cut spending anywhere.

    If they were even able to get it to the point that allowing the bush tax cuts on the on me and other high income earners would square away the deficit i would say go for it, based on just 2 conditions.

    1.)Government is never allowed to run a deficit again at anytime whatsoever to pay for anything. If they can not grow their government at the same pace that the economy grows and be happy with it, fuck them, then they can find some other places to cut, Maybe when essential services are being cut on people to create new useless branches of government, people will start to be outraged at the ridiculous government waste which comes in day after day.

    2.) Government is never allowed to raise income taxes again to pay for anything. This includes every single type of income, capital gains, etc.
  2. Well said.
  3. This is whats known as Concept Dyslexia. Makes me wonder what else you like backwards.

  4. Dyslexics of the world: Untie!
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    In otherwords you are a typical leftwinger who believes Obama should be stealing from the rich to create more bloated bureaucracies, so that a bunch of people who are to useless to get rich on their own can get rich off the backs of others.

  6. Exactly:confused:
  7. You like to use the word "rich." Clearly it is very meaningful to you. However, not everyone is preoccupied with wealth and attaining it above all else. The majority of people, who are incidentally employed by the rich and therefore serve their purpose, may have goals other than the accumulation of riches before all else. Your favored and repeated use of the word "rich" in the categorization of subgroups suggests a dichotomy: the rich and everyone else. Who, then, is the class warrior?
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    I use the same dialogue that the democrats have created, because it is always easiest to target the person on the top, then you have a perpetual line of victims who are making less.

    I do not support raising taxes on the middle class to pay for the poor, nor do i support soaking the poor, to pay for the even poorer.

    I do not support any kind of agenda which entails taking one persons income to give away to someone else, because there will always be a victim, or someone who wants to work less then someone else.

    I could care less whether it is rich, or poor, but democrats have chosen a very specific target so they they can enrich themselves, and i was mentioning the target which they have went after repeatedly. That target happens to be the high income earners, when they start targeting the middle class i will be on the side of the middle class as well.

    I could care less what anyone wants to do with their life provided i am not stuck footing the bill for it at an ever increasing rate, lots of people prefer freedom and i say more power to them if they found a job in the private sector where they can slack off and work very few hours. However when i see the gross misuse of money that i work hard for i have a say in it and im not happy when i hear the way in which government relentlessly pisses it away.

  9. Welcome to the concept of taxation.

    The Bush tax cuts disproportionately favored the rich at the expense of the US Treasury (and, therefore, future generations) at a time when the rich didn't really need a tax break. Meanwhile, a large segment of the non-rich (since we have gone the way of a dichotomy) are now in financial straits essentially as a result of the effects of the Bush economic policies. Yes, now is a good time to take a principled stand, eh? Not before. Not then. Now.
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    Sorry but allowing someone to keep more of the money which they earned is not taking from anyone. This is a problem with liberals you view money as the governments first, and the person who earned it second, the money was never the governments money to begin with, it belongs to the person who earns it first.

    We the people own the government, and control the government, not the other way around...... although lately it is hard to tell.....

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