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    #1. you made some comments last month about "C' in nyc and put me in an awkward position. i never said anything negative or insinuated any negativity towards them at all. in fact,i said nothing but possitives. you obviously were trying to take advantage of the state of flux certain jasper traders were in with the hopes of recruiting them to your small group by trying to steer them away from "C" with some bs payout issues. if you wanted to get a few traders you could have done it in a more professional manner.
    #2. you have been posting some of our trades on this forum. i would imagine it would be a futile attempt to pump the stock.
    whats strange is the SPEC trade you posted a few weeks back. I was the only one that got the 14.41 fill out of the group. you said you bought in the 14.90's and would hold til the next day. why would you post that you were filled at 14.41 ? ypu've made a few posts where you mention entries and exits that only pertained to me or "B" . i would imagine you do this to create the illusion that you know what you are doing in order to bring guys to your group?
    because of this I almost left "C" lat week. had it not been for "B" mentioning that you post here I would have left. you're a young guy and i don't think you were intentionaly out to hurt anyone. however,some of these posts are kind of ridiculous. your CROX trade? you said you were out in fifteen minutes yet on this forum you said you held overnight. touch base with me tomorrow morning during conference and we can talk about this further.
  2. FIRST OF ALL RELAX ! Show me where i ever mentioned your name. Also,where did i ever say anything bad about your firm. A few guys that went there told me about the payout schedule and i only told them i can get them payouts whenever they want so whats wrong with that. i also asked about what they charge per trade to see if i can beat it. whats wrong with that. about your trades, i never posted before you made them .so i never caused anyone to step in fron tof you.this is a message you really think people are watching over our trades?does it really matter if i posted something about does that bother you.for SPEC,I posted how the group got in at that price,i did'nt only mean me and i did hold.thats meaningless . i will be more than happy to talk about this with you .I DID NOTHING WRONG AND NEVER BROUGHT UP YOUR NAME. you can also IM me tonight i will be around.
  3. Nice drama, you guys arent even from swifttrade!
  4. Haha...busted.:D