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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. WarEagle

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    Hey Nic, pass the popcorn! :)
    #51     Oct 30, 2001


    Im not familiar with Bright Trading's history - But the pathetic weasily doubletalk sidestepping of the satellite/ T1 question that had to be asked numerous times before he even aknowledged it speaks volumes. - also, many questions are still unanswered using the same tactics. WOW!
    #52     Oct 30, 2001
  3. Hey, if you go up for popcorn, could you please bring me a mediun size Coke?
    #53     Oct 30, 2001
  4. Well, it seems that this whole thing slipped into a "Jerry Springer" odyssey, complete with "hahaha"'s and name calling, I will once again take the higher road and focus on the hundreds of good, serious traders who really care about the industry, making money, and adulthood, and say goodbye for now. If any of the good people out there wish to discuss anything to do with the industry or with trading strategies or tactics (in other words, things of importance, at least to me), I will be glad to reply to any serious questions, and will not "dodge" anything.

    It really makes me feel bad that "no good deed go unpunished" ...when all I was trying to do was to give people a chance to see the truth, and to put a stop to the reckless statements being bantered about.

    My wife is a 3rd grade teacher, and she has always told me that if she spends too much time with the kids who simply want to raise havoc, upset others, and have ego problems, that she cannot spend the time necessary to help the majority. I, once again, see what she means. I will monitor the board to see if it returns to a state of sanity. Don't get the impression that I have been beaten down, quite the contrary, I have had a great epiphany here, and I have learned that evidently what we have been doing is working extremely well.

    Good Luck to everyone.....
    #54     Oct 30, 2001
  5. Does this mean we can put the popcorn down? I was rather enjoying watching this.

    You know, from an outsider's point of view, it seems that Don got more than he bargained for. He says he wanted to answer questions and clear things up, then dodged everyone's tough questions instead of answering them. Seems to defeat the purpose if he runs away now.

    Just my 2-cents,

    #55     Oct 30, 2001
  6. Darn you guys. I went for the popcorn and cokes and he got knocked out while I was gone.
    #56     Oct 30, 2001
  7. Wow! Don Bright the Martyr.

    How insulting.

    Mr. Bright can't talk to us anymore because he needs to focus on the "good, serious traders who really care about the industry", with the "serious questions" (that he will obligingly answer in private).

    Not only did our "non-serious questions" not get answered, but he compared the posters to to third-graders!

    FYI: I do this professionally and consider myself a very serious trader. I am sure the other posters feel the same. I personally feel our quesitons were extremely relevant and deserving of a response; Wow!
    #57     Oct 30, 2001
  8. I saw all the post today. And it seems to me that Don took the Low Road originally when he started this whole thing by posting an Reckless Statement about an trader who used to be with him. A reckless statement which he pulled off the board immediately and replaced with and edited version. He started the name calling and is now trying to edify himself to some holier than thou echelon. I'm not fooled. His only Epiphany should be that his wife may be about to leave him because he started the third grade banter.
    #58     Oct 30, 2001

  9. Ummmmmmm your first post talks about pointing out the benefits of prop firms. Then when you get a few rough questions you head for the hills.

    Where's the beef?? still waiting for post #1 on successful trading strategies used at prop firms.
    #59     Oct 30, 2001
  10. 12 hours from first post to last, that has to be a new record! From bold to battered!

    dr1865cold - I saw that too! On top of everything else, his previous posts seem to magically change! In his short time here, he definitely learned the edit feature.

    Enough said.
    #60     Oct 30, 2001
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