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    I saw a food show on TV last night where the guest visited a hot dog restaurant in Chicago called "Hot Dougs". It has a reputation for serving killer hot dogs, a Chicago specialty. So knowing that serious traders take everything else in their life seriously, I wonder where some of you local Chicago traders get your dogs from.

    Please tell me, what is your favorite restaurant for Chicago-style hot dogs? The only limitations are: 1) the restaurant must be within ten miles of downtown Chicago, and 2) it must offer indoor seating (excludes trucks, stands, and take-out joints).
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    Hot Dougs is awesome, but not for the typical Chi-dog type deal. the kid who started it is a Kendall College guy I think, and his vision was a line of interesting sausages made from a lot of different stuff. It is a "foodie" type of place. You can get venison dogs, alligator, you name it. Very much a Lincoln Park type of crowd. Awesome, just different than a true chi-dog.

    Best Traditional Chi Dogs:

    Gene & Judes, out on River road. 4 Menu items, hot dog, fries, tamales, and pop. Awesome, wished I owned the place.

    Jimmy's, Grand and Pulaski, terrible area, great dogs.

    Superdawg, Milwaukee and Devon, very cool place, little expensive, drive in with carhops.

    Flukies, Touhy and Western, i hate the guy who bought the joint, but dogs are solid.

    Wolfie's, Peterson and California, used to be awesome, still decent.

    Demon Dogs, under the Red line Fullerton stop. Not my hood, but i liked it and the Depaul crowd loves it. Owner used to manage the band Chicago, I think, and he is listed as a made guy in the Chicago Outfit, if it still exists, which is kind of fun.

    Weiner Circle, Clark and ????????, so busy late at night you can meet your future wife in line, because you will have plenty of time to talk and get to know those around you. Really good. Steamed or grilled dogs, Polish is terrific. Larry gold, owner, had Mr. L's on Peterson where i would have a dog and play Tempest after school when I was a kid. He loves the racetrack, and made a billion dollars with Circle. good for him, he was always a nice guy.

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    Never been, have to try it.

    Never been, have to try it



    I agree wholeheartedly. Something changed, nowhere near as good as it used to be. Too bad, used to be one of my fav places to go grab a burger or a hot dog. :(

    Never been, have to try it

    Clark between Belmont and Diversey. Terrific, specially in the summer.
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    Pardon my ignorance as I live on the west coast, but what is the Lincoln Park type of crowd?
  5. Portillo's is okay if you want to go to a "sanitized" location. :cool:
  6. Younger, 20's-ish, white-collar employment, good income, from out-of-town, destined for the suburbs after marriage.....:cool:
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    This website provides an official description of the Chicago dog. One of the things I like is the yellow mustard. I think it's a crime (maybe even a sin) to put ketchup or mayo on a dog. There oughta be a law ...
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    Ketchup is never put on a hot dog in chicago. You have to do it yourself from the little packets or the squeeze bottle on the counter that is put out only for the fries.
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    In the late 80's early 90's these guys would be in bars down by the Board wearing Jos. A Banks suits, striped ties, and nice shiny shoes, with good haircuts too. they were in training programs at places like The Northern Trust, Conti, Searle. Some were Associates at good law firms like jenner or Gardner.

    It was sad, but we would actually have to tell the girls that would hang on them that us guys in the ripped buttondowns with cartoon ties, inked stained khakis, and gym shoes, probably made 10-15 times thier salaries. I mean just come straight out and tell them, so we could fuck them. It usually worked, but it made me feel like a douche.

    Now these fuckers have all the money and I am broke. should have looked into the training programs.
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