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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Fortworth, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Fortworth


    2 Dell 20 inch Flat Panel LCD monitors, Nvidia Quadro 4 graphic s card, many Martin Pring training videos, Robert Prechter Elliott Wave Principle 8 tape series, Alan Farley video teaching. Total of about 25 teaching video and about 20 books on trading. All for $1000.00. Must be able to pick up in Fort Worth Texas. Mail me if interested.
  2. interested in the LCD's, how much for them?
  3. Fortworth


    Price is $1000.00 for 1 item or all. Anything less than $1000.00 is really not worth my time.
  4. Ok. I'm not interested in the books, not interested in a card that may or may not work, Let me know when you decide to break the lot up and sell the LCD's seperately. I'll pay $300 for the LCD's, if you guarantee not DOA!
  5. Why not, I am certainly confident that your are not worth $1000 an hour or more, else, why would you feel the need to sell all that good stuff? :)

    How much for the LCD's shipped to San Diego?
  6. I would be very leery of someone who just registered here asking for $1,000 for anything....the tip off being you must be able to pick could be getting a bogus address...and the fact that the poster includes...

    "Anything less than $1000.00 is really not worth my time"

    Sounds dirty to old Slim here..could very well be a ruse......just don't pay for anything in advance!!
  7. if your time is not worthed then please give it away to some charities at least they will get some money for good cause.
  8. Fortworth


    No one is asking for payment in advance. It clearly states that if someone wanted to buy it they had to pick it up in Fort Worth. Therefore they would see the product working and the videos and books prior to any payment.
  9. NKNY


    I'll take the screens but I aint going to texas to get

    Let me know if you ship to ny....

    we could use an escrow service.....

  10. Fortworth


    Sorry Nick, I do not want to pack them up for shipment. I just thought I would sell them if it was easy. I also thought it would give some thousands of dollars of training material. There is a lot more than I listed. I just thought that there may be someone who lives close to me in Fort Worth, Texas that may have an interest.
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