[FOR SALE] Used books/DVDs on Gann and Andrews Pitchforks

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a lot of books here at home so I need to get rid of some of them.

    The following books and DVDs are used but they are original and in a like new state.

    "Complete Stock Market Trading and Forecasting Course" by Michael
    Jenkins for 350 USD + shipment, it is in a like new state:

    "Foundation for successful trading" + "Time factor" by Bill Mclaren for
    600 USD + shipment (these are DVDs), you can have a look at them here:

    “Integrated Pitchfork Analysis volumes 2 and 3” cost 398 USD in here: http://www.pitchforktrader.com/courses.html
    I sell them for 270 USD + shipment.

    For payment I accept only Paypal.

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    from what reviews i've read and videos seen, Dologa's best work on pitchforks appears to have been in Volume 1, he did some new work that was not previously known...it looks like in Volumes 2 &3 he is trying to include other TA disciplines and i question if that dilutes his pitchfork work. did you find anything useful (pitchfork relative) in Volumes 2 &3? if so, can you elaborate?
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    Volume 2 and 3 are an integration of pitchforks with other techniques. Even Timothy Morge, a former Alan Andrews' student, the guy who taught to all these other people to trade with the forks doesn't rely just on forks but relies on other things like market structure, etc.
    Dologa combines Elliot's waves, Gann's cycles, Jenkins' true trendlines, etc. Everyone has its own system. There are some things like Jenkins' true trend lines for example that I use, others that I use just on long time frames (daily, weekly, etc.) because they are time consuming.

    With cycles I can predict some tops or bottoms but I can't rely just on them, I need some more indications and, furthermore, I need entry and take profit levels. That's where pitchforks become useful. :)

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    Look, this is an old analysis I did using Gann, it worked quite good. I'm impressed myself.

    Can you say it doesn't work? No. Can I draw those angles that give me support and resistance more easily? Yes! There're pitchforks.
    Look, this is an old chart, I could predict pretty well the top in there.
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    Combined with some market structure, ab=cd and forks. :p Looks today I might go short with a put January 2010 for 16000. :p
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    Now, this is where some insight comes in.
    Look at it.

    Cycles, anyhow, did a beautiful job at predicting where tops might be. Look at the pink vertical lines. I will do the same work for the next weeks, months.
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    I got this gmail account since Gmail was beta and it was on invite... so it's been years... I tend to keep everything because sometimes you need something that you deleted or thought it was useless and sometimes I am lazy to delete ads... what's the matter? :D
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    I removed all the spam etc... look now. :D

    So 1000 messages where just stuff like "This guy replied to a post of yours" or "great offer on this software" or "come to our webinar on bla bla bla", etc. etc.. :D
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