for sale: 'Trading with the Enemy' original rare

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackguard, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. I've got 2 books for sale;

    1)Trading with the Enemy by Nicholas Maier- book about his learning experience at JJCs hedge fund.

    this is the original book before they took out the 3 or 4 pages which Cramer and co. complained about. I don't know how rare it is but this version is not published anymore, I think they edited the book after the first printing.

    2)also have the classic motivational book 'Think and grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill for sale. No trading in this book but it is a classic one about the mind and using your subconscious mind to your advantage.

    both books are hardcover and in excellent condition

    no reasonable offer refused, must sell

    post or PM me if interested
  2. both books have been sold now
  3. What did those missing pages say?
  4. you should have bought the book
  5. It was sold before I even saw your initial posting.
  6. bro59


    Nice answer, you're eligible for smart ass of the year.

    They probably provided a mathematical study as to how you could successfully use Cramer as a contrarian indicator.
  7. Any nuggets about Todd Harrison?