For Sale: Tradestaion 2000i

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dualdrive, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. dualdrive


    I have up for sale my original copy of TS2000i. Comes with all original packaging and the following documentation/book and software:

    Learning to Use Easy Language book
    Trading with TS2000i book
    Getting Started Trading Options book
    Trading with TS2000i video
    TS2000i CD with service pack 5 (and permanent password)
    Historybank CD w/daily data through 1/31/01
    Trading for a Living course (book and four audio cassettes)

    Post or PM your e-mail for pictures. Everything is in like-new condition. Price is $460 shipped via 2-day air to anywhere in the U.S. Price is firm (for now:) ) Thanks
  2. Can you sell the password, instead of selling the
    product itself?

    You won't benifit from online support because you
    can just creat one Nickname with it at tradestation
    World , but you get support over the telephone?

    Would someone Comment here?
  3. maxpi


    If you get TS7, keep your old copy of TS2k. You can export (ASCII) data from TS7 to TS2k and do things you could not otherwise easily do like modify the data for Heikin-Ashe or Kase bars in Excel and display it in TS2000. That gives you clear charts with good data and hundreds of indicators to experiment with. Also, TS7 will not chart Bid/Ask data so if you use the Buyers Vs. Sellers Paintbar or anything with Bid/Ask you will have to use the TS2k anyhow.

    I have never had, and expect to never have one chart program that does everything I need to do. At least I was finally able to dump Qcharts!! That felt very, very good BTW, especially when I heard they upped the price.