For Sale signs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dividend, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Hello. This past week I have noticed the number of For Sale signs popping out around the neighborhood and the surrounding areas. It literally seems like they decided to put For Sale signs up at the same time.

    Is this the beginning of seasonal selling or is it happening earlier than usual? Any experienced real estate investors on ET seeing this too?
  2. signs get more numberous in the spring
  3. Could be that your hood is turning into ..... a hood?:D :D :confused: :eek:
  4. Its normal in the spring. The question this spring is how long until they get SOLD stickers on them.
  5. Sounds like a money making business for these times. Making and selling For Sale signs to realtors and homeowners. :D

    Go LONG on "For Sale" signs and

    Go SHORT on "SOLD Signs" :D
  6. Mvic


    What were for sale signs last month are sold signs this month in my neck of the woods. I'm waiting for the numbers to post so I can see how much of a haircut was taken but I put in a bid (20% under ask) for a place that I had my eye on for 6 months and didn't get a counter, now sold.