For Sale: Advanced Course

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  1. You might get a better bid for a dvd of this
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  2. I'm thinking , why so cheap at 4999, they could easily have asked 5000

    Advice, demand to be paid in bitcoin, this way you attach some mojo to the offering. Once you say blockchain, thems the magic words, and millions of imbeciles instantly go bug eyed .

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  3. algofy


    Did somebody say blockchain?
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  4. Xela


    Fraudsters, it seems - but they'll doubtless show up again, trading under other names (as they have done in the past):

    [Washington DC — The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) obtained a Consent Order against Defendants Joseph Dufresne (a/k/a/ Joseph James) and Megan Renkow (a/k/a Megan James), both of Palos Verdes Estates, California, and their companies, United Business Servicing, LLC and United Business Servicing, Inc. (collectively, United Business), doing business as (SoT), who were charged with fraud and other violations in connection with the offer and sale of futures trading strategies and systems.]
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  5. motif


    Worthless garbage.
  6. fan27


    Ouch! I think that just killed any hope of CosmicChain catching a bid.
  7. NeoTrader


    No need for the SEC to say this(or anything else about any other subject for that matter)... Only logic would do...
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  8. Im interested. PM me please
  9. Don't know what's the big deal, I completed the course & that helped my understanding of price action to get better. For me personally , that's all I need to know.
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