For Sale Larry Connors' Timing the Market Every Day for the Rest of Your Life

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    For sale at less than one-half price. Larry Connors' "Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed -- Timing the Market Every Day for the Rest of Your Life" 4-video course with workbook.

    In his video course Larry Connors will teach you how to trade using his best market-timing strategies for identifying sharp reversals. He will teach you his 20 extensively researched and proven timing models (9 of which have never been made public before), plus how to combine them into one super market-timing matrix that gives you a high probability bias on the market direction for the upcoming day. Many times you will be buying along with the specialists near market bottoms and selling/shorting with the specialists near market tops. This remains on of the biggest edges traders have available to them and now you can learn how it is done.

    Retail cost for this video course is $895. Buy it directly from me for only $395, and I will pay Priority Mail postage (2 to 3 days delivery). I am the original buyer of this course from
  2. is is any good? why you selling it?

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    It is excellent. I have studied it and don't need it any longer.