For Sale: Kevin Haggerty's Trading First-Hour Reversals

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sadak, Aug 9, 2003.

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  2. You'll have much better luck on ebay if you post pictures, tell people up front how much shipping is, explain that it's an original, etc., etc.

    Good luck.
  3. Two things:

    1.) Is Sadak and super-ego the same person?
    2.) If it generated 1200% for you last year, why are you interested in selling it? Getting $100-200 for a used trading course is nothing compared to what you have made using it. Hell, I would have it on the bookshelf in my office so I could look at it everyday and be thankful for the 1200% return!!! Why sell it?
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    Maggandre - Superego is a different person. I am impressed by his 1200% claim as well.

    I am selling it because now I have Haggerty's video course which covers all that this CD offers.
  5. Guys, Haggerty and Brandon are alike. They've made it possible for ordinary people to make millions of dollars by using their work. THEY ARE GIVERS!! Yes you have to pay them a nominal fee for enrichment, BUT THAT INVESTMENT WILL BE RETURNED IN SPADES!
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    People usually start at $1 to get people's attention and it's bid up from demand. Use a Reserve price if theres a price you won't go below. Maybe some details about what the book's contents are if you want to generate interest.
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    How about: "I burned a copy of this CD already so that's why I'm selling it. I need the $ to rebuild my trading account b/c the methods, well, nevermind!"
  9. Sniff, sniff.... I can smell ... sniff sniff ... wait isn't it ... sniff ... SPAM !!! :eek:
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