FOR SALE: Historical Intraday Data DVDs

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    For Sale: Pi Trading's Historical Intraday Data DVDs

    Historical Intraday ASCII Database, Market Edition
    $100.00 USD shipped.

    Historical Intraday ASCII Database, Stocks Edition
    $100.00 USD shipped.

    PLEASE NOTE: As shown on the CD labels, these are the 4-10-2009 versions; NOT the newer 5-15-2009 versions. The market DVD has 215 symbols and the stocks DVD has 1113 symbols. I can send a list of symbols to anyone interested. All data updated till 4-10-2009.

    DVDs are in excellent condition and originals, not copies.

    PM me if you are interested. Paypal only. US shipping only.

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    UPDATE: Market version is now SOLD.
  3. Just make another copy.
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    To ggg and those who have recently inquired, the stocks DVD was sold. Sorry for the confusion, I should have updated the classified back when it was sold last month.