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  1. 2 items:

    1)exclusve rights to blackguards rule of 12 which was formerly a property of blackguard trading LLC.this prouct was developed live on the ES Journal thread here in ET.if purchased, it can be sold for personal gain.

    price:$150000 willing to negotiate

    2)for sale: blackguards Main Trading System.this is the same system usred to trade the YM contract here on ET (posts are archived).then, the same system used to predict the major market bottoms in 2007 (posts were live on ET).then recently,this system captred 43 points in ES on 2 trades.

    price $5000000

    any questions or if interested PM me or email
  2. Is 2012 the year you hope to graduate? (HS or College?):)
  3. OMG, please kill yourself. How truly comical.
  4. You have a profitable system??

    You want $650,000??

    You are advertizing for free?? On ET??

    You think there is someone here that would have that sum available and doesn't know what to do with it??

    Try this: Take out a full page in the WSJ.

    Better still, trade it and bank the profits.

    Even better: move this to the joke thread.
  5. Very good suggestion :)

  6. 5,150,000
  7. im reading this correctly right?

    you just told me to kill myself.You know I can have you put in prison for that.on top of that I could sue you.Would you say that to some1 in person?

    Im definitely going to make an issue of this.I have already brought it to Barons attention.Hes liable too if you remain a member here.
  8. Successful trading and thin skins go together like choclate fireguards and a furnace. This is getting more rediculous.

    You do realise you are in ET? Might as well get your lawyer to troll the threads here... there's years of work for him. But do really want to tag this hypersensitive attitude on to the famous blaggard system?

    Take the comments in the context of your ad and the sense in which it was meant. We are all men in here, not little boys. PLEASE!
  9. I asked why he keeps changing his nickname but never received a reply.

    The guy is either in the puzzle factory or destined to be...
  10. GTS


    You're an idiot. What law are you claiming this violates?

    You can sue him? Sure, anyone can sue anyone. Can you win? Doubtful.
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