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  1. Ironic



    Some of the ex Futex traders recently launched Axiafutures. I purchased 2 EDGE training of this month:

    1.Volume Profiling With Strategy Development (Read more-
    2.Trading With Price Ladder And Order Flow Strategies (Read more-

    I want to sell them to cover some of my costs,they cost me £960+540 or $1,950. I'll give you a good cheaper price.

    They're very good,worth every penny I spent. Please message me if you want them.
  2. toc


    Buddy, if these course are very good and worth every penny, then you should recoup the costs incurred by several times within a week or month by using the training/strategies in your own trading. :)
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  3. algofy


    Yep, almost all of this stuff is complete garbage.
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  4. Ironic


    Yes,in a perfect world :)

    Looking forward to it though.
  5. mgrund


    "Selling training courses/webinars/getting subscriptions" etc... is only done by basically Failed traders. Avoid these useless courses like the plague.Better spending the cash to learn to trade and not wasting it on these worthless courses, which are massively overpriced and all of which the content can be found for free on the internet.

    Basically, guys who sell courses/webinars have and are totally tarnishing their name within the Trading industry, and are laughed at by the serious professionals.

    AVOID these courses at all costs, save your cash.
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  6. Ironic


    Although there's some truth in there,prop firm traders are a handful few of those who are actually making a full-time living from trading.

    Don't know about others,but me as a trader aspiring to also make a full-time living from trading-I'll be happy to see how they can manage to survive in trading arena long term :)

  7. toc


    I would disagree to this a little. Many courses are not worthless. Problem occurs where the purchaser is not able to follow them with discipline and planning.
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  8. Ironic


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  9. algofy


    Meh, if being sold to retail = junk 90% +. In house training I'd say possibility of being decent.
  10. Ironic


    Axia uses these 2 Volume Profiling & Price Ladder training along with their other Beginner Introductory training on geopolitical events trading-for their in house training program for trainee traders who get funded by Axia upon completion of training.

    So,if what you're saying is true-I made a pretty good decision by purchasing these 2 training.I might as well get funded by some prop firms too :)
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