For Sale 3 ViewSonic G90fb CRT Monitors

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sizetrade, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. I am selling 3 ViewSonic G90fb CRT Monitors for $120 each. They are 2 years old, but still in excellent condition.

    I live in Seattle and would prefer individuals in this area if interested. I've attached a picture...the bottom 4 are the ViewSonic monitors, but only selling 3. It might seem like the 5th Dell monitor is resting on top of the 2 center bottom monitors, however, I built a case around the 2 bottom monitors and painted it black.

    PM me if interested.
  2. Forgot to mention, if you live in the Seattle area, I am willing to deliver the monitors...that's if the monitors sell before my SUV.
  3. Sashe


    I'd be very surprised if someone offers you $50.
  4. gnome


    I recently sold 4 19" CRTs for $40 each.
  5. I already have anchors for my boat, but thanks.

    wow, selling the monitors and the truck, eh? Godspeed, mate.

    Did you answer the "who made what last year" poll?