For Real Men!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by rcj, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. rcj


    Trade this spike ...

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  2. pma


    What the F was that???!!
  3. rcj


    it wuzz only the night creww ...

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  4. JamesJ


    1409.75 5 contracts closed from 1390....
    i am a real man ;) - and i hope not to get screwed by busted trades
  5. that might be the worst yo yo slingshot I have ever seen

  6. rcj


    ok, guys here's the bad boy that pulled the trigger on this deal.

    i done seen this nasty mofo bunch of times - an ol CBOT YM trader. Loves to get after pikers like me ... geeez...cant seem to shake him sometimes.

    <img src=>

    Here he is .... goin after some nu traders after he's downed some fire water.
  7. Yeah, it was a total headfake for those who positioned themselves long into Friday's close.
  8. rcj



    <img src=>
  9. GLOBEX has ruled to bust a number of trades which occurred between 01:01 and 01:05 Chicago time in the ranges specified below for each contract:
    ESH8- executions above 1,422 and below 1,398
  10. maxpi


    i'm definitely not a real man, never will be.... talk about a stomach churner, my computer might be a real man eventually at the rate I am programming, he could have handled that s^&t with ease, I admire him actually... but I'd still be upset with him for getting those trades busted... Hmmm, maybe I could remind him to talk to those computers at the Globex next time and get a little head's up on what's busted and what isn't....
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