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  1. BAGHDAD, Iraq - The head of the Iraqi Governing Council renewed his demand Wednesday that a proposed transitional legislature be elected by Iraqi voters, a move opposed by U.S. occupation officials.

    ummmmmmm Spinning THIS..... I would love to see:D :D

    Something about democracy, voting comes to mind??? :(

    Maverick? et al? anyone?????:confused:

    Iraq Council Head Seeks Direct Vote
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    By SLOBODAN LEKIC, Associated Press Writer

    BAGHDAD, Iraq - The head of the Iraqi Governing Council renewed his demand Wednesday that a proposed transitional legislature be elected by Iraqi voters, a move opposed by U.S. occupation officials.

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    Abdel-Aziz al-Hakim, a Shiite Muslim cleric who has recently been a vocal critic of American plans for restoring sovereignty to Iraqis, holds the rotating presidency of the U.S.-appointed council for the month of December.

    His assumption of the post could point to rockier relations with American administrators. It also highlights the transformation of Iraq (news - web sites) since the fall of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites).
  2. Once again the administration's inept Iraq occupation policy is on display. At least this radical Muslim cleric is just yanking Bush's chain and not blowing stuff up, at least yet. Of course we are not going to have an election and end up with a bunch of Islamist crazies and terrorists, all bellowing for us to get out but send money. The real question is why we started all this election nonsense in the first place. The drafting of the "Iraqi Constitution" is a real mess too. In fact, just about every aspect of the occupation has been a real frickin' mess.
  3. :D :D :D
    ummmm something about bumya's liberating/democratizing the region starting with Iraq?:D You know............. so we can all be safe back home from the evildoers:p What a fucked up crock o shit this administration is.... ummm as far as the mushrooms are concerned that is..:cool:
    HAL/BETCHEL et all love them all the way to the proverbial bank:cool:
  4. Where is Pabst! what? no comments here?:confused: Does it pass your reference requirements.?

    bumya & cabal has been a true disgrace to the country AND the whole world. Yer hurting... it's ok.....Take yer pill:D Remove yer blinders, accept reality. :) we all do sooner or later.

    ps: Remember to have some respect for our elders (you know the thread I'm talking about) but I digress .:cool:

    December 7, 2003
    Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns

    ABU HISHMA, Iraq, Dec. 6 — As the guerrilla war against Iraqi insurgents intensifies, American soldiers have begun wrapping entire villages in barbed wire.

    We re trying so hard to make em love us, you know.. winning their hearts and minds per bumya/perle doctrine et all

    :( :( :(
  6. Finally we're doing something right. Should have isolated these terrorist areas from day one, provided Hillary agreed of course.

    The administration has to face up to something. Islam and democracy are a very uneasy mix. Islam views the state as the servant of religion and is not hung up on western concepts like tolerance and diversity. It's their way or they kill you. We cannot in good conscience allow such a government to take ove in Iraq, but it's not clear how we allow unfettered democracy and prevent it. No doubt Howard Dean has an answer. Of course, that would be his first constructive comment, if he does.
  7. But a necessary mess, right? Unavoidable, right?

    Is saying "things did not go as we planned" the same as saying "we fucked up, and shouldn't have gone in to begin with?"

    When people who opposed the war and suggested this would happen, they were labeled by the neo-cons and treasonous and un-American.

    It will be a gas watching Bush and company spin all of this come election time.

    Oh I just can't wait to see the Iraqi freedom montage at the Republican National Convention.

    Bush lands a plane, bush holds a turkey....."Mission Accomplished."
  8. AAA, I expected more out of you than that!!

    During the build up to the actual invasion, I seem to recall many different individuals and entities offering their opinions to the Bush administration, which IGNORED them and now seeks to pass the blame to their opponents instead of taking responsibility for fucking up Iraq.

    Dean, like many others, said, "don't do this. It won't work."

    And it hasn't worked very well at all.

    Dean was right.

    Amongst the many other entities that were right about this:

    -Catholic church (and every other christian church, except for the baptists...imagine that)
    -Libertarian party

    So stop trying to pass the blame to anyone who used their own goddamn head and said to our asshole president "DON'T DO THIS. IT WON'T WORK," and instead why not focus on making sure him and his merry band of miscreants can't fuck anything else up.

    BUSH fucks up IRAQ, and the neocons try and make Dean look bad for it. Clever, but truly fucked up!

    This total lack of accountability (aka hypocrisy) is really pissing me off. But then again, does it really come as a surprise that that little dick in the whitehouse whose daddy got him out of the whole Harken thing doesn't even have the balls to come out and say "Sorry! I fucked up!"

    Very sad.
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    Heh, I think the last President that truly had the balls to fess-up to anything of substance was Harry "The Buck Stops Here" Truman. For the last 50 years, on both sides of the political fence, it's all been about spin and ducking responsibility.
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