For pure entertainment? Or?

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  1. I am not an experience trader by any means, but as a general observation since I joined I have noticed a few things...

    Experts who are never wrong, skeptics who can't make money and can't figure out how anyone else can, and cryptic figures that may know as much as they claim or much less - the problem is that you can't understand their language.

    I come on et for entertainment sometimes and just to post in my journal.

    I try to make observations on the market based on what I think and not what others are saying and I have been told in my own thread that what I am doing will not work (and I have made it work at least in the limited time I have been trading).

    Does everyone in ET have an alterior motive or is just plain cynical, or is this just me?

    I figured this would be a good way to expand my knowledge base... but I am not at the level of experience to deduce between all fakers and real traders.

    I have honestly found much more insight making my own observations and reading as many books as I can (albeit that books have the same problem as this forum).

    Flame away.
  2. all internet forum have a touch of cynicism
  3. But not all of them have mascots as dumb as you that prompt people to ask such insightful questions pondering just how dumb humans can be.

    How was day-care today? :D
  4. And all forums have trolls.
  5. Would it be too obvious to refer to the last posts as examples?

    What benefit do people in general get from this website? I am very confused...
  6. This guy doesnt even trade.

    Your thread is related to mine where I wonder why all the low prob trade setups it. Which the answer is because most only talk and a hero trade is much cooler than boring old, trade with the trend buy pull backs
  7. lar


    It's kind of fun separating the wheat from the chaff. Lots of head fakes and bunny trails... just like the markets give. You may find that you throw away many more "insights" and "revelations" and hot tips than you keep.

    Still, the process of discrimininating useful from useless sharpens your detective skills, if you actually follow through. It also gives breadth to your perspective and understandings.

    Wax on - Wax off, eh?

    Peace and gtty,