For Non-Programer, which one do you think?? Amibroker, Multi-charts or something else

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by canuck, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. canuck


    Hey Guys,

    Looking for a package that I can drop some indicators, change a few minor things around with existing indicators (i'm not a programmer but somewhat knowledgeable)

    So i was looking at ones like Amibroker, MultiCharts, even maybe a higher level software package like Tradecision?

    Any thoughts??

  2. taowave


    Hi C,

    I have Ami as well as several other programs and cant imagine getting a better program for the price....
  3. Try and pick up a used version of TradeStation 2000i. You should be able to buy it for less than $200 or so. Make sure if has the physical manuals.

    But beware of the counterfeit copies they sell on ebay like this one

    The pirate/cracked copies usually have backdoor hacks from russian hackers embedded. Poor fools dont know what they buy.
  4. davis17


    A used copy of Tradestation 2000i is a great idea. Without much programming behind me they seem to have lots of manuals to help you along. Is 2000i an old version that lacks any new updates?? Where might I look to make a purchase for $200-$300??