For Nodoji's Amusement

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  1. Enjoy!
  2. NoDoji


    OMG, that is pure EVIL!

  3. You are too kind. It is truly a reflection of my dark personality. Been refining this one for months. Pure price action.
  4. vinc


    waste of time if you asked me .. but wait, maybe there were other reasons and live trading wasn't one of them:)
  5. Who assed ya?
  6. I don't get the joke.

    I opened the pic attachment and it's a 1 minute chart.

    What's so amusing about that?

    From this comment:

    I was expecting to open a pic of Al Brooks in a speedo.

  7. It's an in joke. For years I have been advocating simple stoplight trading indicators. No if's and's or but's. No Hershey after the fact equivocation. Just hard-coded trading. I dedicate it to No-Nudgie because she is the queen of the intuitive trading crowd here. Me, I am so fucking stupid and old that I don't got no mo interition.
  8. I'm gona forward this to Al to let him know he's got a booty call on deck :D
  9. I have it on good authority from Jack that NoNudgie is not all that hot in person. But she does talk a good game. Me, I am so old that if she whispered sweet nothing winning calls in my ear, I would instantly become tumescent. At least until the trade was over.
  10. oh that's nothing a paper bag and beer goggles can't fix :D
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