For Newbies want to learn Price Action

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  1. I have a friend who made this website so for any newbs wanting to learn to trade, its a pretty good manual for newb trading.
  2. thanks for the spam...
  3. No problem asshole, just trying to help a friend out. I see you were trying to do what he is, guess he beat you to the punch. I didnt spam ET thats why I put it in classified douche. But everyone knows ur the spam king, so thanks.
  4. BSAM


    Hmm.....I'm guessing you guys aren't exchanging Christmas cards this year?
  5. drase


    LOL, no joke!
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    Where oh where is the Love

  7. 40% off the already very low retail price
    what a deal!
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    I've never read the ebook, but...

    Hard to judge if the price is fair or not without reading the material.

    No reason to play dirty guys.

    No Heat
  9. how about a name of the educator? good place to start. anon author does not instill high confidence. just another chatroom schmoe otherwise
  10. If you read the Terms of Service, you could save the rant. It is spam, even in Classifieds and even if for "a friend":

    Advertisements and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor. As a person who does not represent one of our site sponsors, you are not to solicit our members with any type of commercial offer, or advertise your business through your public posts, private messages, profile page, or file attachments. This includes, but is not limited to, posting your phone or fax number(s) and posting any URLs or hyperlinks to your commercial web site(s) or email account

    If it was not charging or posting commercial ads, it probably would be fine. but there is no "helping a friend" to spam for a commercial site. So next time, take a chill pill before getting angry and being wrong.
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