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    today, when so many kool aid drinkers are celebrating their fantastical construct for the universe's existence I congratulate you for not falling prey to the weak-mindedness of so many. For thinking for yourselves, believing in the ingenuity and creativity and essential decency of man and his capability to evolve and better himself as a species, and for using your eyes and mind to see the world for what it is and not what you need it to be, you are to be lauded as enlightened free thinking individuals who in many cases have managed to overcome the propagandist indoctrination of society and your youth. And while I am not talking of the myth of the Easter Bunny I may as well be.

    Intellectual integrity and humanist empiricism is the way forward for humanity. Those of you who recognize this are at the vanguard of our evolution as a species and are helping to usher in the Age of Reason. Today, I celebrate you.
  2. <i>"and his capability to evolve and better himself as a species..."</i>

    ... the cost of which has been systematic degradation, overpopulation, natural-resource exhaustion & extinction, excessive utilization and pollution, irreversible damage and irreparable despoilation of the planet he was gifted to inhabit, treasure and hold dear for generations forth.

    Small price to pay indeed, the cost of man's evolution and betterment being the inevitable destruction of planet Earth in time.

    Happy Easter :cool:
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    You are certainly welcome to put your faith in anything or anyone you want.

    But if you put it in the "essential decency" of man, you are going to be very disappointed.

    By EVERY measure, man has fouled the planet, which is the one thing even humanists like you can agree that we have dominion over.

    In short, man is a pig. (My apologies to the pig, but I couldn't think of another easy comparison.)
  4. Hip, hip to you Mvic. Praise Darwin on this celebration of spring planting.
  5. screw your species

    yay, MTV

    no you're not going anywhere if not backwards it's not gonna be forward either, but you can keep dreaming

    a free thinking individual is a longer phrase basically saying the person is gay

    so you really see the world for what it is, tell me about it

    ya by creativity you mean religion or some retarded sh*t like that

    God, you make me laugh, who's decency are we talking about?

    let's see the f*king carb you add to your body with those plastic McDonald burgers

    good thing you congratulate me or else I wouldn't have fallen prey to theories of free thinking men like you
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    sharpone things are not as bad as make them

    sure they are not good, we have not yet grown, but its not that bad either

    I think of earth as hell in middle of reforming

    ok now I am leaving ET for real
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    What you and AustinP miss is that humanity has the ability, by employing reason, to not only rectify the damage caused, but to improve its lot. I suggest that you look at the best of humanity's accomplishments, rather than its worst, to see what potential exists. What's the alternative, pray to some non existent entity to solve our problems for us? Or The sharpeone's nihilist solution(thanks for the laugh TS1 :D )? Nah, I will thrown my lot in with reasonable individuals like SWhiting.
  9. LOL,

    READ SOME FUCKING AYN RAND and you too will wake the fuck up my friend.

    It is the persuit of "Wealth" that one should praise not the persuit of "the honor of men". For there is no Honor with out monetary exchange, there is no Honor in being poor. There is no "freedom", Love, compassion without the means of exchange.

    With out the persuit of each and everyone's Individual goals, one returns to a nation of savages, who rape and pillage, who know nothing but to conquer and destroy. You return to the Barbarian world of the Dark Ages.

    Praise Capitalism for that is the very foundation that allows "FREEDOM" of thought, emotions and human dignity.

    Capitalism and Free Markets are being destoryed in the name of COMPASSION AND SAFTY" towards the poor souls who do not take advantage of such oportunity but yet cry equality. This EVIL isbefore us, in the Rescue of the Banks, the Cry for a "Change in the Future by the Politicans", the cry for Politcal "Shelter" by the sheepole, the cry to bail out the idiot. This Evil runs so deep in a nation that was once FREE and Propsperous, that is like a virus.
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    Not sure I agree with your whole post, nor your interpretation of Rand's positivist philosophy, and capitalism is certainly not a zero sum system (ie many capitalist solutions are win win solutions rather than win lose solutions), nevertheless capitalist enterprise would certainly rank as one of humanity's great accomplishments.
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