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    I'm going to be putting together a multi monitor setup for my home, and have been back and forth with those with better knowledge than me on the hardware help. Since reading through several threads there about multiple monitors, I've always thought it would be interesting to see what others are monitoring on each screen, and why.

    I didn't post this in the hardware area as the question is what do you monitor on your monitors, and why? The responses should be interesting depending on what you trade, what your style is (day, swing, position), and how many monitors you use.
  2. 2nd monitor for DOM and Level II

    DOM is for entry

    Level II to monitor spread
  3. Is there anyone who uses joystick?:D
  4. I have 12 different markets up on two 23 inch monitors, Sometimes if my back hurts I'll even just sit in my living room with my laptop hooked up and watch the 12 charts on my 55 inch lcd.

    For my style of trading this works, for others it may be havoc lol.

    As for the why? I only trade one setup , its occurrence is rare but effective. I can also see where the money is flowing at any given point in time. It helps me not get wrapped into a biased direction in one market, I also feel it is a form of risk management via diversification. By having signals fire off in different markets, as I rarely get the same signal in one market per day.
  5. great thread idea, i'm really curious to see what people have on their screens. i've only had 4 lcds for less than a year so this is a work in progress.

    2 x 2 setup + laptop. day trade equities.

    top left..

    - two stock scanner windows, two status windows (scanner status and chat room), DIA and QQQ.
    - this is my least viewed window, scanners give me alerts every 5 minutes

    top right.

    - linked set.. order entry, 5min chart, daily chart, watch list, L2, T&S
    - SPY 5min
    - this is meant to be a mirror of my primary window where i can flip to a stock, have it line up with a SPY chart directly above as well as L2, T&S and Daily chart

    bottom left

    - 5min charts - AAPL, NFLX, SPY
    - 5min + linked order entry, 3 random charts (set them before the open)
    - pandora or windows media player
    - charts of stocks i'm watching closely to set up, can tee up orders but not send them until i feel the time is right

    bottom right (my primary screen)

    - linked set.. order entry, 5min chart, daily chart, watch list, L2, T&S
    - p&l
    - trading monitor
    - 2 chat rooms + floating private message windows
    - trade calculator
    - primary window where i do all my flipping between charts, chatting and order mgmt.
    - clock!

    - facebook + browsing
    - backup charting (
    - remote desktop into scanner server for backup charting and demark indicators

  6. Another ET milestone .....

    the losses are so big that more than one monitor is required.
  7. A 22 and 24 inch monitor.

    I don't day trade much recently, but when I do, sierra charts on the bigger monitor and OEC's order entry on the other monitor.

    For swing or longer term trading, it doesn't matter. You can do that on whatever monitor you want.
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    Two monitors, two systems, two connections.

    A large screen (on one system) for charts; the other for the platform - simple w/ built-in redundancy.

    This is for trading about a half-dozen futures contracts.
  9. I PURCHASED 50''inch monitor. I works grest.
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    I PURCHASED 50''inch monitor. It works great
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