For logical thinkers: Why the left is wrong on the AZ shooter

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gastropod, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. To those of us who use our minds and don't blab endlessly about inane, illogical statements (aka the left wing liberals) I offer what I have come to as my rationalization of why the left wants to blame the right, when clearly the AZ shooter fell amongst the left wing, liberal cloud...

    1.) The left sees Rep. Giffords as one of their own...left leaning...and more liberal.

    2.) Some "whacko" has shot Rep. Giffords and many of the people around her in an AZ grocery store parking lot.

    Here is the problem with liberal thinking:
    X and Y are "opposite" people. If somebody "hurts/kills" person X....then it must be the opposite of person X and therefore the person who would hurt/kill person X must be person Y. Liberals can't see that it can be a person from amongst person X's own "friends" to do the hurting/killing. Liberals cannot see that one's own enemies can be amongst their "allies."

    Take a look at Al Gore and John Edwards...the left still can't admit that Gore's envirowhacko positions HURT liberals. Where are the left wing rants about "dear Ol' Al" buying a multi-million dollar home on the beach of Malibu...if Al really believed in anthropogenic global warming...he would have known that his place would be underwater in no time...but, Al does NOT believe AGW - it is sold to the dumb left...the left still can't believe they were lied to by "one of their own!" The left still cannot admit that they would have elected another adulterer. They just about supported Edwards until his wife died!

    No, dear conservatives, the left can't think past, "Only people in the 'other' crowd will hurt us...nobody with us is bad!"

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    You wasted your time, no one thinks that.
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    You wasted your post, apparently there are some (liberals of course) who do.