For Intel P55 motherboards 8 Gig performance Ram after rebate $20

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stock777, Nov 27, 2011.

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  2. shmuck, this same ram was selling for 75 2 months ago.

    and it sold out today.

    thats what happens when you let macintosh users on the board.
  3. Ordered Sat Night , in my mailbox Tuesday. Fast delivery, fast memory.

    Works nice. And the 9 cas is for the 1600 oc, runs at 7 using stock speeds.

    ya should have got some.
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    The P55 is so yesterday.

    I'm running an i7-2600K w/1600 @ CAS8. Painless overclocking when I need it, intelligent power management scales it back when I'm surfing or doing email.
  5. yep +1

    OP needs an upgrade and overhaul :D
  6. I'm not a hardware junkie, I upgrade rarely and only when there's value to be had.

    If you think you can do something I can't with a marginally faster box, then you're hallucinating.

    Something seen frequently here on et. Here, wear this

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    Never mind hallucinating, you're batshit crazy if you think an i7-2600K is only "marginally faster" than a 1155 socket CPU.
  8. ok, I told you I wasn't a hardware junkie, constantly upgrading with every new iteration. Real world performance is what counts, not raw benchmark speed. Tell me what it is you can do that I can't.

    Ps Why are you fooling around with old tech, when the Intel Core i7-3960X @ 3.30GHz is what all the girlie men are using?

  9. apparently posting a prompt response to a simple question is NOT one of the things your FaSteR cpu allows.
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