For HIM or for American People

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  1. Since Obama occupied the White house after failing the presidential oath more than a year ago, while hundreds of thousands of Americans were loosing jobs and houses, he and his gang have being fixated in pushing his health care changes up to now. Obama has used various tricks, such as "bribing" certain states by promising special favorite terms, etc.

    Haven't the survey and votes told the Obama gang that American people need jobs and a way of making a living?

    Is Obama pushing the HIS health care changes for HIS own career and reputation in history? So he can be written in the history as the ONE who did it!
  2. it's funny every president that comes to office, it's as if he has been brainwashed to carry out a specific task, and that's all he's hellbent on accomplishing
  3. Obama's a Clown

    I will make a prediction; even if they pass the health care bill it will not solve any of the problems related to the health care system but will actually fuck up the already fucked up health care system, the government and specially this administration are too stupid and incompetent to achieve anything decent

    you just have to be fucking blind to not be able to see that america and it's future are going down the drain, it's so fucking clear that anyone who denies it is plain fucking retarded
  5. The stimulas money that was used to keep Goverment workers working is running out. Thousands of teachers are begining to lose their jobs.

    Its going to get bad.
  6. Somewhere along the line presidents got the idea that they were elected with carte blanche to do ANY FRICKIN' THING THEY WANT... That we elected them to "remake the USA in their desired image"... WRONG, WRONG.

    George Bush was a TOTAL ASSHOLE as President... He wanted to be a "war prez" and lied, deceived, connived, SPENT US (with borrowed $$$, and charged to future generations) INTO OBLIVION.. to accomplish that. If there were any justice in this world, that SOB would be pilloried and stoned by the American populace!

    And Obama is 10x WORSE!!... He wants "social justice".. to "fundamentally transform America"... yeah, into Venezuela or Cuba... Commie States.

    FUCK OBAMA/PELOSI/REID and the horse they rode in on!! :mad: :mad:
  7. Makes me wonder the ratio of administative jobs per teacher (support) in education. We'd have to count union officials, boe and school staff.
  8. The JUDGE got the wording wrong, which is why Obama hesitated. This was made clear throughout the media after the fact. The matter is not in dispute. Since you don't know what you're talking about, I stopped reading your post at that point. No doubt, the remainder is equally informed.
  9. You're pretty much a really weird guy aren't you? You live in Canada-you've spent little time in America-yet you make literally thousands of leftist comments on a trading message board about American politics.

    The typical American couldn't pick the Canadian PM out of a line-up, yet you and a coterie of Cannucks are 24/7 commentators on America. It's a free country-at least for now despite left wing Obama fuckheads-so you can write all you want but bottom line, your obsession with American politics is very, very, very bizarre.

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    You of course had the same assessment of jerkyllus when he was around? (Is he still around?)
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