?? for High Volume Traders - >100,000 shares a day

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  1. If you are a high share volume trader could you answer the following questions for me?

    1. For your average trade, how many shares do you usually trade? If you see a stock that you think is a good trade, do you put all of your position on at once or do you stick your foot in the water and add more shares if the trade goes your way.

    2. How many cents per share gain do you try to get on each trade?

    3. Do you have a predetermined amount of loss per share where you will sell and get out of the trade. If so, how much is it on average.

    4. What dollar range of stock do you trade most: $10-20, $20-40, $40-60, over $60

    5. How many shares do you trade in an average day? Also, when you state that you trade for example "100,000" shares per day, is that 50,000 shares purchase and 50,000 shares sold or is that 100,000 shares purchased and 100,000 shares sold?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.
  2. Anyone??
  3. This question cannot be answered. every trade is different, every stock is different. 10 000 shares of appl is like 1,000,000 of SIRI
  4. lol and 10K of the spys is just the spread
  5. Sharko


    I usually trade using a defult of 1000. If I really like my position I will get more. I mainly trade stocks between 20 - 40$ that have higher volatility. I usually have an exit point in mind before I enter the position but I always re-evaluate the trade once I'm in. On an average day I will do between 100,000 - 200,000 round trip.
  6. like the man said...depends on the stock......i normally push about 1-2 million shares a day but have done as high as 4 million but that is on days when sunw and jdsu have huge thick levels where i can trade 40-80000 shares at a time without much risk.......but normally i trade intel with a default of 500 or 1000 shares but becuase of its volitility i do way more trades and still push a million shares on intel.......and then common sense tells you that with 500 or 1000 shares i can take a 5 or ten cent loser with out much problem but with 60,000 shares i cant really take more than a one cent loser without feelin alot of pain
  7. also dont commissions get more expensive if you trade over a certain number of shares?
  8. If you are a high volume trader you cannot put on all of your position at once almost by definition. Let's assume that you think that a high volume trader would be someone that trades 10% of the volume. Suppose you wanted to buy. If you tried to put your whole position on at once, you would take out the entire offer, and the rest of your huge order would just sit on the books as the market ran away from you. If you want to accumulate a large position, never show your size.