For fun.. how high will the ES go in the next month

Discussion in 'Economics' started by scriabinop23, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Prognostications for fun....

    I say we could hit 1300 within 3 days...

    Anyone with any credibility here willing to aim for 1400?
  2. I think we crash, hard. Shorts covering has many times stopped this market from plunging. Shorts are the only one willing to purchase stock in a sharp, sudden decline...
  3. So you don't think we get any follow through? 1230 is it?
  4. The market is in asshole mode. Anything can happen. The SEC could make an emergency order freezing stock prices. LOL, why not?
  5. cszulc


    Heck, we could see 1300 TOMORROW!

    Haha, all artificially built by the FED pumping billions into the banking and financial system and SEC stopping short selling. Wouldn't be surprised if they bought billions of stocks tomorrow at the ask to "stem market concerns"!


    The VIX Closes at the Low
    You Can't Go Wrong Going Long!
  6. Cutten


    Isn't this thread title rather presumptious? How do you know it will go higher, not lower.
  7. I think you just hit rock bottom. Assuming the treasury will take the bad debt off the overleveraged banks and financial institutions hands, I see no problem with resuming the long term climb upward.

    Trillions dumped to save the financial system is not something to be considered a bad thing for markets, be they domestic or international.

    I can see 1320 by October's end. 1400 is a bit uncalled for. S&P's targets based on value weighting on the NQ are 2100 for the NDX, which is about 25% higher, but that has a 6-12 month timeframe.

    Seriously, the whole reason for the decline has been housing, housing, housing, sub-prime, sub-prime, leverage, leverage. Suddenly, it's all gone. With a bit more regulation and congress admitting they were dumbasses for affirmative action lending rules, I think they figured it out.
  8. look this market wants to go down he mentioned it last night at the bar...actually he is a prick because he never shouts always missing...but seriously this is a market being artificially propped up this has to be one of,if not the greatest all time financial collapse but the stockmarket is only part of the story i think the real problem is the effect on capital markets not just next month but for some time but particularly the speed/extremes of volatility but more so the speed of it all gone in a w/end leh,mer et al