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Discussion in 'Politics' started by David Smith, Aug 31, 2002.

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  1. This is going to be a long post, so I am sure that most of you pathetic peons will not be able to read the entire thing, for that I apologize. For the rest of you, let me introduce myself. My name is David Smith. I am in charge of a small (what some may call a boutique) hedge fund and I am also a venture capitalist. The things I intend to post here are not meant to be specific for any individual on these boards. They are rather a wake up call for most of you.

    Time after time I find myself quickly glancing over the post on these boards just to be entertained by some of the loquacious dim witted peons that frequent this “elite trader” establishment. For months I always knew that on any given Saturday I could visit these boards and be assured to find something of humor. The sad truth is that at the time of their posts the writer did not intend for their words to be humorous at all. Rather they were under the belief that they were providing insight, into a complicated and precarious market. For one reason or another, writers on this board have made themselves out to be market “gurus” of some type. While the insight provided in their words seems more like that of a child. One who completely lacks all knowledge or understanding of the ways in which a complex market functions. Someone with absolutely no understanding of even most simplified economic or business situations.

    Sadly enough there is still those with even less intelligence then the previously mentioned “gurus”. These people read every word with great intent hopping, wishing that they too may one day have the knowledge possessed by the Elite Trader “elite members”. These pathetic individuals think that someone one these boards will provide to them the holy grail of the trading world; that one piece of insight that will forever make them a profitable trader. But, it is not just a holy grail that they seek. No they seek a grail of great knowledge that is uncomplicated enough for a child to understand. Any form of complex thinking is way out of their grasp. Their high school diplomas do not provide them with any means of understanding anything more than worthless drivel. They seek to find great wealth in staring at charts and indicators throughout their days. Never understanding what those very charts are telling them about the market they claim to love.

    These are people who think that they will take a five thousand dollar account and turn it into a lifetime of riches. These are people who think that they, with no knowledge of the markets, will be able to trade mini index contracts by just understanding fundamental indicators such as support and resistance and simple moving averages. These people may not dream of becoming rich but surely they should be able to support themselves and their families on their trading income. Oh, just 2 points per day would be all they would ever need. With all of the volatility in today’s markets this should be a simple feat, one which even they could attain.

    While dim witted, they are still intelligent enough to understand that they will need to have some market knowledge. The first place they will look is of course the library. The library is a place where many of these wild dreamers have never been before. There they will be able to find all of the knowledge one man could ever need. This however is where they run face first into there biggest problem, KNOWLEDGE. Every good book on the shelves was written by someone with a vast majority of knowledge. The principles and concepts presented in the books are far beyond what their childish minds could ever begin to understand. Although they read the pages over and over they will never hear what they want to hear. But they persists, they will find someone who will teach them to trade. the number one site for active traders. Where they can come and be taught by people with little or no knowledge at all. People who claim to trade for living but in reality they work two jobs trying to support themselves. Now we have the blind leading the blind. Neither one of them has any clue as to where they are going but they are happy just to be together.

    This type of childish teaching was fine, even funny at times. Now there exists an even bigger problem on these boards. That people on these very boards claim not just to be market “gurus” but universal “gurus”. Sad and pathetic individuals who find it fun to hide behind a factious screen name. Masquerading around with a name of a factious movie character like, Gordon Gekko. Some making up cute little names about things they would like to be, like “trader1” implying that they are a trader. Or maybe something like “axeman” perhaps implying that they are good at “shadowing the axe”. Some find it humorous to change between many different names. Posting worthless advice under one alias and then commenting on how smart they are under a different alias. (This is a much deeper problem then I care to explore on these boards.) These people are pathetic, lowlife, worthless individuals. They claim to know all, while in reality (where some of us live) they know nothing.

    These people claim they have been studying the markets for years; while at the same time asking stupid questions like, “why are the spreads so large after hours?” and “what is a e-mini?” I can only assume that when working a couple full-time jobs they do not have as much time to study the markets as they claim. But not to worry, these people know everything. They are great scientist and mathematicians. They have figured out all there is to know about our lives and our universe. They are much more intelligent then anyone who reads the bible and they will prove it by discrediting anything someone says about God. We dare not challenge there infinite wisdom with our biblical understandings or they will surely shoot us down and send us running from these boards with our tail between our legs. These are creatures with the highest of intellect. They have not only been taught by the brightest and most intelligent people to ever grace the earth but they are now even more intelligent then those who taught them. We should all bow down to their great intelligence and listen as they reveal all of the mysteries of life.

    So, you great wonders of the universe, with all of your wisdom please, oh please tell us just this one simple thing. How can I make five cents on my hundred shares of Microsoft? You are (by your own testimony) the most intelligent people on the face of the earth. I find it only safe to assume that will all of your knowledge you are also rich and very skilled traders. So please, tell us all your secrets, you who possess such great knowledge. Oh wait, come to think of I have never seen any of you write anything worth reading. Instead I read quotes of such intellect as “f the bible”. Wow, that one really helped me out. You are the saddest losers I have ever heard. You claim to be the most intelligent creatures God has ever made, yet you still have nothing of value to write. I wonder then why you read Elite Trader at all. Now I think I have figured it out. This is the only place on earth where people are actually less intelligent than yourselves. It must make you feel so special to have people who want to listen to all of the worthless crap that flows from your mouth.

    Here is an idea from someone who actually makes money from the market. GET A LIFE! Yes, you read that correctly. You are in desperate need of a life. You know, something to do besides sit in front of your computer, staring at the bodies of naked women and bragging about how smart you are on an anonymous message forum. Just to let you know there are people out there who do make money from trading. That must be shocking to most of you. Here is something else, it’s hard work. It is going to take a bit more than just waking up and sitting in front of your computer all day. It is going to take knowledge and skill. That means you need to try and learn something that you don’t already know. (Yes, such information does exists) You are not going to have all the time in the world to post your stupid incomplete thoughts on the Elite Trader message boards. (Sorry if that means you will have to lose all of your friends. I am sure that if you really apply yourselves you will make new friends, in a place called reality.)

    I can tell that some people on this board actually do make money from trading. My question for these people, what do you get from posting on these boards? Does it make you feel as if you are helping others that may be less fortunate than yourselves? You may need to remember that most of the people on these boards have not a clue as to what you are trying to teach. I myself could go on and on about some great arbitrage strategies but why? I would guess that there is only a small hand full of people here that could even begin to understand them. And I am positive that there is not a person here with the capital to carry them out......
  2. I do not mean to address everyone here at Elite Trader, just a select few. I am sure that if I was to reread my entire post here there would be things I would like to remove. I however am not going to remove anything. I am a man who must make decisions and be willing to stand by them. I have decided to post on this board just to get some anger off my chest. Some of the incoherent babble that I read on this board today was past the point of funny. It leaves me thinking about just how bad things have become. Never the less, I have not the time or the temper to deal most of the people on these boards. Maybe some time down the road God will help me to become more controlling of my temper. Until that day comes I have found that when you are dealing with someone who has no clue it is best to let them know.

    This is my first and final post on Elite Trader. I sincerely hope that all who frequent these boards find what they are looking for. God has blessed me more than I could have ever imaged. I know that he will do the same for all who call on him. He might not make you a great trader, but never forget that there is much more to life than trading. For those of you who prefer not to believe in God I wish you well. Anyone who has a problem with what I have posted or has a legitimate question about what I have posted can email me at This is my personal email address. Please remember that I am very busy and I may not have time to respond. If I can I will be more than willing to help some of the people on these boards. I do feel that there are many good people on these boards who would benefit from what experienced traders have to share.

    Now, I must attend a late night social gathering with my wife. I wish all of you elite traders’ farewell and good night.

    P.S. It is my hope that the powers that be here on Elite Trader will not erase my post. These are my opinions and I feel that someone on this board my benefit from them.
  3. KavMan


    I just had to register to respond to you
    You're a L O S E R
    You took all that time to think of all that crap and type it up?
    For what?
    The peons on this board?
    You're a bigger loser then the posters here

  4. It just got awful quiet around here ...
  5. Geez, lucky I wasn't pissed off by your comments, otherwise I would be using that "personal email address" you just gave to subscribe to every single spamming enterprise I could think of.
  6. You may be referring to one of my posts about turning 5k into a million. First of all, I'm going to do it -- and hopefully with your help in taking some of my profitable trades.

    Secondly, what is your motivation for posting here? If you are truely here to spread your infinite knowledge of trading, then by all means share it with the rest of us "burned out lightbulbs."

    However, perhaps you are here just to troll? In which case, I'll still take the time to respond to your asinine posts.

    Here is a simple fact:

    Like anything else in life, you will never know if you can be successful until you endeavor to try it. I'm sure people told Tesla that he couldn't do what he wanted to do -- but he did it. Sadly, the reoccuring theme is to doubt everything since we are conditioned to believe that we must exist in a specific set of parameters.

    If someone wants to take on a new venture, whether it be trading or mountain climbing -- that is their perogative and they will learn a vast amount of things about themselves in the process.

    Generally speaking, if you're brave enough to go into something after everyone has told you that it can't be done and you make every attempt to be successful -- then it is solely up to you to make that happen and not the concern of other's who are too busy telling you it can't be done.

    There exists two types of people in this realm:

    1) Those who will profess you can't do it.

    2) Those who are doing it.

    Do you really think the people in category 2 give a damn about what the people in group 1 are saying? If you really care about what other people think, then maybe you shouldn't get into trading (or many other things in life). However, if you are like me and linger around hoping to catch the occasional striking word of wisdom to add to your collective knowledge to become more successful, then that is a great pursuit.

    Ps: There was no trinket of useful information in your post -- just a bunch of rambling about how this is impossible and some social event you are taking your second wife to.

  7. Now that wouldn't be nice; he was just expressing his views.

    Some of them I agree with, some of them I don't ...
  8. I like the " ...Now, I must attend a late night social gathering with my wife... " :p

    and " Please remember that I am very busy and I may not have time to respond..." :D

    Cheers!! :)
  9. William


    ...dumbshits usually don't.
  10. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Guest

    i'm "hopping" he will share his great wisdom with us!!!!!
    #10     Aug 31, 2002
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