For discussion: Do liberals injure blacks?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Ok, Mr. Virtue. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN HOW SLAVERY STILL EXISTS IN AFRICA? Not too mention, the annual genocides.

    No doubt, the white man's fault ...

    Did you really think that you could undo 400 years of oppression overnight?

    We went from a horse-and-buggies to putting a man on the moon in 70 years or so. Get over yourselves ... Sympathy has run dry ...
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  2. So the proper white woman interviewed is going to say "It is because I don't like black people."

    Come on....

    You are saying if the previous paster had used different hymns, she would have left?

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    Oh Ok, so you leave open the possibility that she left because she felt racial superiority to the new blacks?

    Good god man, imagine an elderly white woman accustomed to singing "Bringing in the sheep" ...

    Imagine why whites don't risk engaging honestly with you ....
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  4. Then why is their continued sympathy for Jews and Zionists because of the persecution they have suffered for centuries, culminating in the holocaust?

    Should they continue to get a free pass because of the past?

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  5. There is a history of polite white women in the south lying to appear "proper" and non controversial.

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  6. ktm


    Everyone join me in welcoming the Rev Al Sharpton to ET.

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    Here is the only statistic that matters. 36%, THIRTY-SIX F'ING PERCENT, of black males recently graduated with a high-school diploma in my city.

    .... the white man's work again?

    blah ...
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    man ............... he just wants to use the "R" word ... you can feel it ...
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    I think the jews have done quite well for themselves since. They certainly don't use this as an ever-present crutch to bat people over the heads with.... (Or maybe they do ... I don't listen)

    Don't drag me into any Jew/Arab argument.... ain't interested ...
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  10. Oh, so you think when people are critical of Jews or Israel or Zionists, and the first comment in response from the defenders is "You are are a Jew hating anti-Semite" that it is not an appeal to collective guilt?

    Oy vey....

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