For discussion: Do liberals injure blacks?

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  1. Aapex


    If what your referring to is a racial preference you are wrong.
    How do you explain inter-racial marriage?

    The "Europeans" kicked the Indians off their land, raped their women, enslaved africans, raped their women --- and now you hint otherwise?

    give me a break.
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  2. Ricter


    Come to think of it, if 40% of the "blacks" Pabst has known are assholes, and assuming that 50% of everyone we meet will be above average in "assholishness", then those people he's met are a pretty good crowd all in all.
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  3. Pabst


    Blacks are arrested for murder in the U.S. at a rate of seven times that of whites. Criminologists will concede that figure is LOWER than reality. American homicides are now being "cleared" at a rate of about 46%. That means more than half of all murders fail to result in an arrest. The vast majority of those "unsolved" murders occur in black inner city communities. The white guy who shoots his wife or boss is a no-brainer for detectives to "solve". The two black kids shot in a "drive-by" on a street corner is often unsolvable. Witnesses who won't cooperate with police, lack of viable forensic evidence ect. Not to mention, police probably don't dedicate as many hours in trying to solve the murder of a street level drug dealer as they do the murder of a nurse in a parking lot.

    In the mid 1990's I gained access to the arrest statistics of the Chicago Police department for an earlier year. (approximately 1991 or so). In that year there had been around 700 murders in Chicago and only 14 had been officially attributed to whites. No surprise, eh? I now spend more time in Miami than Chicago. Similar story. Virtually EVERY DAY, an African-American in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties is slain in a same race shooting. Here in the home of hundreds of thousands of Cuban refugees it's RARE to hear of a murder in the Cuban community.

    I'm sorry if you're offended. I'm sure you're not a criminal and I'm equally sure that because of the reality that many blacks ARE criminals, you've experienced your share of prejudice. Even if it's subtle stuff like the sound of locking car doors as you cross the street. The truth is, most whites go OUT OF THEIR WAY, to accommodate and welcome blacks. We feel a collective guilt. However the knowledge of black crime rates only makes whites wary and apprehensive to live around blacks.

    Rather than harp on some white guy who you perceive as racist, I'd say take steps to get your community off the snide.
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  4. Pabst


    That's kind of what I said, Rictor. Just statistics. There's differing degrees of "assholishness" though. The prick who won't give up his seat for an old lady is generally not the same guy who'll stick a gun in your face while grabbing your watch.
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  5. Ricter


    Theoretically more to the point is the fact that majority groups, I mean that in a socioeconomic sense, in highly stratified societies, are "wary and apprehensive" around socioeconomic minorities. It's what Ehrenreich calls "fear of falling".
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  6. Ricter


    True, but the former are far more common--they have greater effect on the average person's life. But without good knowledge of risk assessment they're not likely to realize that.
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  7. Pabst


    I fail to see "white-flight" from suburbs or communities that see a heavy influx of Asians.........
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  8. Aapex


    I appreciate your taking the time to explain what you meant in your previous post. However, I don't really see the point in your statistics? I could post statistics that say that EVERY white collar criminal that fleased american citizens out of their retirement have been white.

    I could also post statistics that every major world war was caused and instigated by a white person. I could further state that every U.S. Scandal that involved government officials have been white people.

    Every linching that tooks place in the south up until now how been committed by racist white people. Every skin head or nazi is white. David Duke is white. Adolf Hitler was white. etc etc etc.

    The fact that most men in prison are African American is further evidence of racial profiling and false accusation. How many innocent black men have been wrongly executed vs whites?

    What about the Rodney King beating?
    What about the racist L.A. Cops?

    Every inner city murder is the direct result of discrimination and racism propagaded by whites in this country. When you economically oppress people they get violent. They turn to crime.
    When the racist white guy won't hire you, how are you going to eat? You steal. You rob. You sell narcotics.

    The fact that only a small majority make it out of the Ghetto should tell you something. Nobody cares about the poor or the oppressed. They only get lip service.

    This is the result of Jim Crow and slavery and segregation.
    This result is what you should expect when you oppress people.

    The Civil Rights Movement happend only 40+ yrs ago. Not 1,000 years ago. This country was built on the backs of slaves. Did you expect for everything to be o.k. after only 40 yrs? Did you really think that you could undo 400 years of oppression overnight?

    See what happens when you start quoting statistics?
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  9. pattersb

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    Not sure why, but I just remembered watching a televsion news show, (60 minutes, I think), years ago.

    The story detailed racial segregation in the south or some such thing. In the story, they mentioned how white people left a certain church after a black pastor was installed, and many of his black followers switched to his new church.

    During the piece, the interviewer HOUNDED an elderly, proper white women who decided to switch churches. She rather sheepishly explained, it was because of the hymns. She prefered the hymns of the other church.

    This woman was basically portrayed as some racist monster ... for prefering singing different hymns ...

    What's remarkable is that I'd bet many blacks watching that did not hestitate to label her racist, (which is exactly the problem )..

    It's gotten ridiculous to the point of being nauseating. I simply turn a deaf ear to these accusations. I recently read some idiot's opinion that blacks cannot be racist "because we don't have institutional power" ....



    The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    Discrimination or prejudice based on race

    Nothing about prefering different hymns ....
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  10. Aapex


    African Americans can be racist. Any race of people can be racist against another. As for the little old lady. We really don't know her motive so we can't judge her answer. She might have been honest or she might have found a justification for leaving. One that would absolve her of being a racist. It is really impossible to tell however, one would question her real motive? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to put one and two together.
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