For discussion: Do liberals injure blacks?

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  1. No, in the eyes of humanity...

    Inhumane racists like yourself just don't get it.

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  2. No, reality-ignoring do-gooders like you don't get it.

    And what on earth is intrinsically inhumane about understanding reality? Surely a more accurate understanding of reality ought to form the basic point of departure in trying to improve the world, ought it not?

    Quite clearly, imo, efforts up to now have not improved things much (and often made them worse) precisely because of a defective grasp of reality.

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  3. You really don't get it, do you.

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  4. Not really, no. But you don't make much of an effort to explain it, either. As far as I can tell, I'm completely justified in my views.
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  5. Pre-judice.

    You can rationalize your racism all you like. That really is what you do all the time around here.

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  6. Ive never looked at it this way but it has some truth to it.
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  7. My girlfriend is a diversity trainer, national speaker and author. Contracted regularly by major national corporate clients and self-employed for almost twenty-five years now. I am neither a liberal democrat, nor a critical republican. And we are African American. The radio show study no matter how you couch it, is basically true.

    We talk about this regularly as she has this trouble with many of her corporate mandated attendees really getting to say what they want to really say. They are all walking the PC lines as tightly as they can. They acknowledge that things might not be right and that it's truly not their fault but they are ready to help change things. And I do personally find it funny, and sad.

    I can walk into a liberal group of her friends and listen to their opinions. I can scowl, make a strong African American male counter statement, and then watch the whole group squirm. I regularly tell them about how they are crippling many people with their "I'm there for/with you brother" attitudes, policies, postures. Especially when they have their cume-by-ya moments.

    It amazes me that folks with perseverant contact/communications and communicating skills can take a random meeting with an ethnic group and then immediately label the masses of that group as, "something." Talk about your unscientific polls. All you can honestly say is that the majority of the folks that YOU'VE come into contact with are, whatever. Of course, that begs the question, does it really take one to know one? Or possibly, do you find what you look for?

    It's sort of like when I am with a large group of African American males and someone says all white folks are "insert negative statement." It can easily draw a chorus of "you got that right!" statements. And then I can harshly disagree with the comment and raise an anger at me for daring to not think that "all" wouldn't actually translate into a majority.

    Just as I've seen the number 40% (or more) from some here, I have been told by African Americans that whites who don't get it run somewhere around 90% range. There is a school of thought that 9 out of 10 white folks wield some sort of racist behavior regularly. Could this be true? That being the case, that would make the majority of white folks in America, PC or not, racists! That said and agreed to then means you are walking up a hill with no end in sight. You can NEVER achieve racial a harmony if that is the African American viewpoint.

    And we know that to not be a true representation. Or do we? If that is the mindset of a peoples, how can you say anything that will make a true difference? Could this be a valid question when you are talking race relations as it pertains to African Americans, Arabs, Asians, Europeans and Americans?

    When I am in an airport and the boarding call is about to be made. I start to put myself in line with the other folks who are waiting. Inevitably there is always, IMHO, a group of males who like to do the merge into line thing. A line has formed yet they feel immune to the need to get to the end of it. It's ok if they just "merge in" into the front as folks won't mind. Wonder what color, ethnic group, age group this bunch of numbnuts is? :)
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  8. Ricter


    Do you actually expect to do any effective thinking with those labels? I feel like if I opened up your toolbox I'd find one of those goofy little sets one finds at a dollar store.
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  9. That people act differently in a homogeneous group than they would act individually is nothing new.

    There are few independent thinkers who stay consistently vocal with their positions whether or not they are in a group who supports their position, in a group who doesn't support their issue, or alone.

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  10. Aapex


    What is your point?

    As a "Black" man I'm offended at your apparant racist remarks.
    I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt and please explain what you mean by the above?
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