for daytrading...which is most important to monitor for market movement?

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  1. Indexes(SPX,NDX,DJI,RUT)
    10 Year Note
    ...power stocks such as...MSFT,AAPL,XOM,GE etc...
    ...power ETF's such as XLF (financials)
    ...what is in your daytrade 'playbook'...thanks in advance...
  2. PREM/DISC to fair value of the S&P500 futures (leading indicator, stocks tend to follow), Pivot points, TICK, NYOB, and whatever the "engine of the day" might be (oil prices, interest rates, etc.). And...knowing your stocks and their peers extremely well. Trade the same stocks every day, bring people to your poker game vs. going with the "stock of the day."

    A lot more, but those are important points, IMO.

  3. thanks Don...great stuff!!
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    1. when there is prem/disc cant u arb it?
    2. pivot points are just toys arent they?
    3. i've seen TICK mentioned in several places, but it's difficult to find out more about it. (i.e. through google) what is it and where do i get it?
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    my opinion....Knowing the theme of the day most important. Could be anything from a stock specific story in one of the big dow/nasdaq stocks to a more macro theme (oil, gold, interest rates etc) and secondly premium/discount to fair value. No reason to watch the cash indexes which are calculating off of stock prices when you can watch the futures that are actually trading. I watch the premium/discount to S&P and Nasdaq religiously.
  6. great points...where can you find free prem numbers...quotes...?
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    for nasdaq watch for GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, AMZN

    for S&P GS.
  8. YEA...huge divergence today between GS and SPX...why is that?...what is it about GS vs. SPX...please explain...thanks!
  9. Very valuable to know where the volume today matches the average volume of 20 or more days ago using 15 minute bars and using the exact time bar of the day versus 20 days ago by 15 minute bar break-offs 30min, 45min, 60min, 75min, 90min, 105, 120min, etc of the day...

    You can then estimate... If Big Outside Money is in play or not... will the day chop or not... what is the potential of the trend... the potential of support and resistance to hold or break... etc.

    combine that info with the Average True Range of your time frame bar over the last 21 bars and you have a lot of applicable info to apply to potential moves during the day...

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  10. Agree with all except avoiding the "stock of the day." When you get married to a small group of stocks, there are days when they just chop back and forth. Meanwhile, you have a huge moving/high volume stock like RIGL yesterday, which offered great profit potential, while essentially obeying the technicals (MAs, Fibs, Stochastics etc.)
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