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  1. To be a day trader.
    Do you have to have multiple monitors(screens) to follow the market and the stock?
  2. Its nice to have your broker's trading platform on another computer but its not something that you have to have.

    Before the pdf rule was initiated, I could make a living with a 2k account and a laptop.
  3. I do have my broker's platform. however sometimes I dont have enough room to open new windows or have enough chart windows open.
    I also use laptop.
    Thanks hoodooman
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    You need three monitors. One for broker's platform, one for charts and one for news/research. Day trading is purely technical if you do not have a chart open at all times you are at a disadvantage.
    Any more than 3 monitors is overkill.
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    Trading options I'd imagine?
  6. trading stock. Sometimes as much as 200 times a day before noon.
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    That's impressive. With such little capital that is.
  8. One trick you can use is to have 4 or 5 'slightly-less-than-full-screen' charts staggered on top of each other so that any one is accessible at all times with 1 mouse click. I do this on each of 4 monitors.
  9. You are good and I mean that. My limit is
  10. I use "StreetSmartPro" CyberTrader. For me personally hard to follow the news cause every time I have to minimize the window. and price changes in seconds...
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