for datek customers who got annoyed today

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Gordon Gekko, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. here's an email i just sent them:

    Subj: tell ed to buy some more servers and give me some free trades

    "Server Currently Busy Please try again. This web server is temporarily busy. The server is currently processing too many requests."

    first of all, i'm not angry with the person who will actually read this, i know you're just doing your job and want to go home. lol what i want is you to forward this to ed. i already know you are going to write back suggesting that i either try using or or call you on the phone to place orders when you guys get jammed. but if i wanted to make trades over the phone, why would i even have a datek online account? the reason i know what your response will be is because i've been through this before and you guys never change. i always think, "maybe they'll add some more servers to fix this." but then a few weeks later the same thing happens like today.

    p.s. i know i'm just #1322 of 2203 people complaining today and nothing will get done, but can you blame me for complaining? is it asking too much to actually be able to log into my account today? how about some free trades or something?
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    Kinda wondering why you don't just close your account and get with a "real" broker.:confused:

  3. Hey GG, I had the same problem today trying to get into my retirement account, but I must say that my experience with Datek is 10 times better than my experience with Fidelity.
  4. there is 1 thing i like about datek. they have a thing called "fundsnow." from their web site you can transfer money out of your account to your bank for free and it only takes like a day or two..kind of like a wire transfer. i pay my credit card and do most of my banking all online, so i like this feature. i hate dealing with stamps, envelopes, checks, etc.

    i would switch to ib if they had a similar feature..i've already emailed them suggesting it, but they haven't replied. :confused: i guess that's a no.
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    gordon - if you want to make a trade, and can't because datek goes on coffee break, it might actually cost you more than the free bill pay service or money transfer vs. the cost of a stamp and a more reliable broker.

    just my 34 cents
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    FYI. Interactive Brokers has free outgoing wire transfers. Netbank has free incoming wire transfers and free electronic bill paying...

    there you go. NO STAMPS.
  7. thanks..i agree with you. switching brokerages is something i'm thinking about.
  8. lol thanks :)
  9. One of the biggest things that kept me from moving to IB was the same thing.

    I don't know how many shares you trade at a time or if you like to do futures as well but I can say that the min$1 charge has allowed me to test out and/or diversify trades over many issues at only 100-300 shares each.

    This alone has saved me a lot more than the cost of the wire to get the money there.

    As far as the cost of wiring out, I have to start making enough to have a need to wire money out. But then thats another thread. :)

    Best of luck
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    This is kind of an off the mark question. I also use Datek to trade sometimes but I use Datek with Medved Quotetracker. When I click to which account I want to trade I get,


    What are these different sites? I really have no clue. I have never had a problem with Datek going through Medved Quotetracker, but I have always wanted to try one of these other sites. How do they work?

    Just wondering.
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