For crying out loud IB ... please release TWS 876

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  1. 876 seemed to be bug free and was available as a browser based TWS. It is not available browser based or standalone any more.

    875 down to 872.6 all incorrectly time stamp backfill data so if you rely on backfill 875 is next to useless.

    877 screws up during execution of futures orders (twice last week for me including once on friday - bug reports forwarded). So its not reliable during trading.

    I have been asking since friday on the IB TWS board and being ignored (the usual on the TWS board I'm sad to say (there's a good guy on the api side but tws seems unrepresented). So I'm bringing it to the forum where someone from IB listens.

    Where is 876 .... its the best version of TWS currently available?????
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    Why do you care about accurate timestamps?
    For some time now, the charts only update every 5 seconds.
    A lot can happen in just 5 seconds.
  3. Plodder,

    If your charts are only updating every 5 seconds you are using the 5 second bars. I use Sierrachart for charting and my charts update every 150 milliseconds (or as soon as the next packet from IB arrives). The backfill timestamps are 30 seconds out with 30 sec backfill ... I care.
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  5. Where is 876 .... its the best version of TWS currently available????
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    hoi's response to your IB forum post:

    I tested all versions, including 877, and 876 ..and found a huge bug in 876, (which is one of the reasons why 876 is skipped to be released as standalone). This problem is solved in for me the version which should be release to stand-alone soon ...but if you found something exclusively and new in 877, then we all like to know more.
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    I also have been waiting for the release of stand-alone version of TWS v876 for a long time. I cannot use v873, v874, v875 due to the same reason as Kiwitrader mentioned. Browser-based v876 seemed to be correct with that bug fixed. But I am waiting for the stand-alone version and therefore still on v872.

    Kiwi what is the problem with v877, I have not looked at it yet.
  10. I used 876 from first release until it was withdrawn with no problems.

    I've had two orders crash with 877 and in both case the crash caused TWS to send a fault report to IB. The last was with 877.1 on Friday ... there's no way I consider it stable.

    On the contrary the bug on 876 might affect Button trader but I've not heard of anyone using ZeroLine Trader, Sierra Chart or Ensign experiencing any problems. Anything after 872.6 is dodgy with the backfill timestamp error.

    For crying out loud IB ... 876 is the first release without the backfill problem since 872.6 that's half stable. Now I know its not as good at backfill as 872.6 but at least it doesn't crash my orders.

    ps. I'd stick with 872.6 forever but when you collect 5 second data it spews out the odd invalid error message that causes Sierra Chart to disconnect and reconnect. For now I'm back to 872.6 errors or not --- at least it backfills correctly and doesnt have the slow backfill / timeout errors of 877.
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