For Birthers... Headline On Super Market Check-Out-Line Tabloid This Weekend....

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  1. "No Obama birth certificate in Hawaii records... but found one in Kenya". -- Neil Abercrombie, Governor

    Abercrombie is allegedly a HUGE fan of Odumbo... and wanted to display his birth certificate to the world to end the controversy.


  2. Meanwhile, Scataphagos descends further and further into madness...
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    Tabloid News!!!

    The best theory I've seen is that the more the birthers talk about Obama not being born in Hawaii the more the swing vote discredits Republicans and swings toward Obama. So, Obama intentionally is not releasing his full birth certificate knowing the more the birthers scream the better he polls. The solution is to press states to require a birth certificate to get on the ballot for President and Vice-President.
  4. Seems an irrational, brain-washed response.
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    Say what??!! Scat you are off the wall with your thinking.
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    Birth certificate? Who needs that. We all know he's a natural born citizen simply because he said so. (Oops, he didn't even say that. He only said he's a native born American.)

    Just like liberals tell us the reason it's so cold outside is because the planet is warming.

    And we're told by liberals that tea partiers are a danger and threat to our country, but the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful organization and we shouldn't worry about them.

    The rational thinking and logic of liberals is beyond dispute, don't you think? Some people think we should be ashamed to question them.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    stop with this already.
  8. Why? I think he represents his contingent splendidly, and has developed a nice cadence.
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    for several reasons.

    1. its wacky.
    2. even if true (which is highly unlikely) there will never be proof that it is true.
    3. it's further polarizing
    4. the price of tin for tin foil hats has risen so much that it's no longer cost-effective to construct them.
    5. it takes away time from more valuable pursuits like the 9/11 inside job theory, or the kennedy assassination, or scientology, and the kooks who manage those conspiracies get jealous, and you wouldn't want to see them when they're mad.
  10. Yes, but you shouldn't stifle the mating call of loons.
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