For Big Companies, Life Is Good,under obama policies.

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  1. Large Corporations Emerge from Recession Leaner, Stronger—and Hiring Overseas
    Big U.S. companies have emerged from the deepest recession since World War II more productive, more profitable, flush with cash and less burdened by debt.

    An analysis by The Wall Street Journal of corporate financial reports finds that cumulative sales, profits and employment last year among members of the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index exceeded the totals of 2007, before the recession and financial crisis.

    Deep cost cutting during the downturn and caution during the recovery put the companies on firmer financial footing, helping them to outperform the rest of the economy and gather a greater share of the nation's ...
  2. Take out AAPL and see what those stats look like.

    And how long can we continue to create jobs in China and India but not here and hope to be prosperous?