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  2. That is excellent. We have little clue what Obama stands for even at this point but we bought it because of the excellent sales job he did.

    He actually is misaligned with the American public on very nearly every single issue!!
  3. Jack Welch's comments. Along a similiar thought.

    Barack Obama's victory in the presidential election should serve as a management lesson, as he opened up new "markets" during his campaign, former General Electric CEO and management guru Jack Welch told CNBC Wednesday.

    "If you look at management skills as being execution, as one of the real issues, this guy demonstrated without question the best execution I've ever seen in a political campaign," Welch said.

    "He came from a basement startup to build an organization that was flawless--demonstrated in the culmination in Chicago last night with one of the most impressive rallies, or celebrations, one could ever see. This is a manager. This is a real manager."

    Obama's win caps a string of victories dating back to primary elections nearly a year ago in which he defeated Sen. Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic Party nomination.

    "He did something that's a management lesson for everyone," Welch told "Squawk Box." "Most managers do the same thing over and over again, they do what I call the milk run. They call on the same clients, they use the same speeches."

    "This guy opened up new markets, while Hilary Clinton was doing the milk run. He went out and circled around her, he did market development like you've never seen and did a management job that every manager in the world should look at," Welch explained.

    "No one has quite ever seen a campaign so flawlessly executed," he said.

    The challenge is now for Obama not to give in to demands from the extreme left, Welch said.

    "He's going to have pressures from the left that are so strong." he said. "The question is, can he hold the line."