For all you windows bashers, 8 years and going strong

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  1. Just realized I'm running the same rig for 8 years. Windows 7

    The only upgrade was a video card a few years ago.

    Still fast as hell. Rock solid. NEVER a reinstall of the op sys.
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  2. Simples


    Troll thread
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  3. That's good, but I got you beat. One of my computers is an 11 year old Dell running XP. Still runs like new! But just to be safe I don't even sneeze on it , and I pet it every day. Am aiming for a spot in Guinness!!
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  4. comagnum


    I am running Windows 7 with lots of performance tweaks and hardware upgrades. Didn't like the idea of running Win 10 which seems like it is Spyware with an OS built into it.

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  5. d08


    You can turn most of the spyware on Windows 10 off but yes, Microsoft has clearly figured out the Facebook generation doesn't give a crap about privacy so they roll with that.
    Windows XP with the modified registry (to get security updates) is still an usable OS, although it looks and feels dated in comparison. Not even touching the subject of hardware (SSD) support etc.
  6. Pekelo


    Windows bashing is so 1998. On the other hand for all you AOL bashers, I am still using my 21 years old email...
  7. tommcginnis


    My XP laptop is my "garage radio" now, and is perfectly comfy with that, although I have to massage it frequently if it's on for more than 12 hours or so.

    My primary desktop, my backup desktop (which will be my TWS_API test rig, when I get the boiler changed out...

    IMG_0174.JPG )

    are each W7, and my primary laptop (a flimsy-as-a-noodle Toshiba ["Bah!"]: great specs, horrible build quality = lesson learned) is also W7.

    I was and am a proponent of all things Linux, and really need to put that into action again.
    I would start with a major rejuvenation of the back-up laptop. (A quality little Dell unit that would SO enjoy a little Linux action worked on it...). And then maybe the desktop test rig. Yeah. Yeah. [head nodding emogi goes here...]

    Windy10 is a fascist enterprise, and needs to be overthrown.

    Oh, and, no machine carries Intel CPU -- all are AMD.
    (Boy, though, this changed my mind on Intel..... this, and all that followed.
    I am a ferocious fan of history, and history shows rather plainly that all the cool shit about the U-S-of-A, is foreign. And how many of the current S&P500 show foreign/first-generation CEOs??? Want a cool Fun Fact? Look at the pattern of US Patents' growth in the past 50-60 years, and then look at the proportion going to foreign-born. And we want to cut off the New Blood???

    So: W7 is okay. MS sucks. Linux rocks; but I'm a hypocrite. AMD for the righteous, but Intel for the righteous-and-smart.

    (That's five possible thread forks right there.....)

    Hope our little squeeze on top (SPX up 6+ to 2607 record) does not have your purse in a vice.
  8. schweiz


    Let me guess: you have a Mac? :D
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    Why didn't Apple name it's iPhone instead to be Granny Smith?
    Smaller, tart, good for baking [ideas] and highly suggestive of a whole metallic green color scheme. "Pfff! The money lost!"
  10. Windows 10 feels like a smartphone OS in a Desktop, dont like it.
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