For all you who think Bill Maher isn't a left wing douche-bag.

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  1. He is a worthless piece of shit.
  2. Actually I thought he made a very good point when he said that health care decisions arn't made by Dr's, patients or bureacrates but by insurance companies which like most hospital gown's leave your ass uncovered:D
  3. He's smarter than you are
    His arguments are better than yours
    He's more successful than you are
    He's more articulate than you are
    He's richer than you are
    He sleeps with hotter women than you do
    He pays more US taxes than you do
    He's funnier than you are
    And he's right more often than you are
  4. Bobby Jindal doesn't deserve that from you.

  5. Quite appropriate, really, that a hack like Maher would hold up the US Postal Service as the epitome of efficiency and something our health care system should aspire to.

    After all, except for a brief time in the 70's and the middle of this decade, the USPS for the most part has been in debt to the tune of billions of dollars and is grossly inefficient.

    Yeah, I can't wait until seeing my doctor becomes an hours-long excursion complete with packed waiting rooms and grumpy masses, culminating in a brief face-to-face encounter with a doctor to whom I'm just another number on the assembly line and may or may not give a shit about my medical condition. Then, if I'm in a bad way, I get to be on a waiting list for several months before I see a specialist. Hip hip hooray for socialized medicine!
  6. That about sums it up. Thank you for saving me the trouble.
  7. BRAVO BILL MAHER. He just makes so much sense ...for people not fat cats.
  8. Bill Maher is a Libertarian. I dont find his humor very funny actually, but I think his messages are spot on.

    Did anyone watch his movie religiousless?
  9. US postal service runs like clockwork. It is not run for profit (that is the whole point).
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