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    I've been trading futures for 14 years now, it took me 4.5 years to learn to trade and I am now mentoring my son who is 14.

    I trade futures but frankly I can trade anything, it just needs to be liquid enough.

    I immediately apologize to all I will not mentor you I will only give you a nice TIP somewhere in the middle or end of text, thus forcing you to read it all.

    I am so successful that I won't say how much I made from measly sum in these 7 years for reasons of ridicule since most of you think you already know what is possible. But I do want to tell you few things. You can all become great day traders, its all about persistence, so where do you get persistence. Simple you realize that is can be done, ITS THAT simple. Lets say you as an average person are not quite smart and have average intelligence. Well even someone like you can surely realize that investing 4-5 years into learning trading and becoming a FREE MAN,

    is better than wasting 4-5 years in working for some stinkin salary, and answering to your boss

    time for the TIPS

    so again I will tell you all you need to know, I will tell you ALL THAT I NEEDED to know

    yes day trading can be done (most of you know that one at least)

    It does not matter which security you trade, any price any chart, must have liquidity

    7.5 k IS ALL YOU NEED, again ALL YOU NEED

    800% a year is possible YES possible

    (please don't demonstrate complete noobness by saying, "well you should be a trillionare"

    if you say "you should be a millionaire" my answer is well yes I am

    Trading is easy, once you understand it of course

    you do not need NEWS, not even FED minutes

    you do not need things like Metastock, although god knows I got it all :)

    you DO NOT need to scalp, no need at all

    timeframe will only depend on how much money you got

    so come one guys enough of whining and coming up with excuses, I gave you all you need to know
  2. "well you should be a trilonare"

    Trilonare? You might be able to make 800% on 1k but I guarantee that you couldn't do it on 100k. Go back to teaching your stupid 14 y.o. how to trade like daddy. Oh, and make sure he learns to spel from someone besides you.
  3. Teacher


    you didn't even read sentence after, man some people are dense

    spell is spelled spell NOT spel
  4. I just love these posts where a trader comes lay down how big his penis is without saying much else.

    Good job man you got a big penis as far as the trading goes maybe, maybe not.

  5. Teacher


    You don't care Anek you already make some money, give others a chance will you

    LOL that was enough from me, my christmas spirit is already spent just by reading this one post

    good bye, may you take what I wrote seriously or go to hell of your own creation

    signing out
  6. Teacher,

    I admire the fact that you want to help but why the cryptic tips.

    What's the point.

  7. Teacher


    so why don't I just spell it out right???

    and DogInPonyShow, again it is spelled with two L

    correct your own writing dumb ass,

    So Anek why did you dislike when people started showing exact time entries you made

    why change of strategy Anek ???

    answer me that and you may have answer from me. it has something to do with the fact that we are all competition

    right Anek ???
  8. Teacher,

    Because someone started posting my calls on a pay room.

    That to me was highly unacceptable.

  9. Teacher


    come on Anek, I am at the very least your equivalent, if what you say is true, then start posting pictures of your exact entries for huge number of your students

    you might find your executions a bit harder 6 months later, well probably not but no guarantee

    sorry I didn't mean to put you on the spot I just wanted to give you my answer

    I gotta go out guys see ya,

    PS: I am glad someone out there I already helped for christmas :)
  10. Wow, so you get into the trade and the herd would follow??? I would think this would help you make more money.
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