For all you options conspiracy theorists.

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  1. There are over 500,000 OI in the SPX 1500 line.

    Can’t wait for the PIN guys to chime in.
  2. Don't get ahead of yourself, xflat. The big hedge fundies don't start pinning stocks till Wednesday.
  3. The strike price multiples of 25, i.e. 1450, 1475, 1500, 1525, 1550 et al, are LEAPS strikes. They have had more time to accumulate open interest compared to the adjacent strikes.
  4. xflat knows where Hoffa is buried. I was neutral to the 1500 handle. I must be one of the conspirators.
  5. spindr0


    If you send me $5 by 12/21 I will tell you what the closing price of the SPX will be.
  6. do you accept paypal spin?

    i bet xflat was trying to say something some of us missed.

    i am/was another one at 1500 too.:)
  7. I was at 1500.10... boo ya
  8. Which makes you long more deltas!
  9. I haven't $5 but I could trade you a WebTv (free shipping) and a revised copy of "Putz option strategies for Dummies" (edited for errors, so currenty it is only one page double spaced).

  10. I was kidding around. The conspiracy theorists crack me up, especially in the options world. You do know every mm knows the positions off the entire retail population and always skews the markets against their order. It does not matter if that series is listed in 6 places they all work together. Same goes with the pin theory. Screw the data they're all out to mess with Mom and Pop retail.

    Jimmy Hoffa is not dead he and I took in a few beers and walked around the new Giants Stadium they're building the other day. The teamsters are funding my new venture.
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