For All You Losers

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  1. Have you tried this strategy: Offer the majority of your winnings to the patron saint of traders. I tried this strategy with St. Jude and he became over $600 for it.

    Looking at the Church's menology, we find three glorified saints by the name of Parasceva: a second-century martyr of Rome, especially venerated among the Greeks; a third-century martyr from Iconium, a favorite of Russians, who consider her the patron saint of traders and guardian of family happiness; and their name-sake, the eleventh-century Serbian ascetic, beloved particularly by her countrymen and also by Romanians, the keepers of her incorrupt relics. Here we give the lives of two of these renowned women saints.
  2. Eight


    I always wondered why Catholics seem like if a train of thought went through their head they would pass out...
  3. I meant to add that St. Jude is the patron saint of the hopeless, so naturally I would choose him to help with my golf game.

    I saw a movie once where Robert Duval kept on saying "get the behind me satan", so when I was on a hot winning streak then I would repeat that over and over again but then I got to thinking that "get the behind me" might mean just the opposite of what I thought it meant.:D