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  1. When everyone is a genius, they are all idiots - J. Mortimer Finkmeister
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  2. Learnings programming was likely the best thing I ever did for my career (traditional finance career)

    Just knowing coding means nothing. But knowing coding with some market knowledge is a huge leg up.
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  3. That job advert is not looking for a programmer, it is looking for a UX designer, one of the worst paid jobs in IT.
    You will not see any decent software developer doing UX shit.
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    Legit developers can forego a degree provided they have decent writing and communication skills. As for the coding education, with the proper aptitude and drive it's fairly easy to acquire the skills and knowledge incrementally. I know plenty of coders that can easily make 200K or more a year with no degree.

    Having said that... coding is not unlike trading in that there's a huge variety of ways to do it and wildly different reward levels. Lots of folks with basic skills in common languages may never make more than 50K a year and will compete against overseas bargain coders. Others can take coding much further and get into specialized areas doing custom implementations and support and do pretty well.
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    I recall that internships in Germany are generally unpaid or very lowly paid. Even top internships at investment or commercial banks paid around 750 euros for 3 months plus food allowance, lol. It was a while ago but I know so personally because I interned during my master program in the US and applied for internships in NY and Boston and also in Germany. Got offers from several banks in Germany at above mentioned rate while the same length internships in the US paid annualized 50k,so, several thousand per month for the duration of the internship. Needless to say I went with one of the latter.

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    You are right about the internships. Netherlands / Germany (or western-Europe) probably have the same structures. Good move into the US internship. Personally I never bought in the work for free internships, but looking back it probably would have ‘paid-off’.
    But if you work in IT or data, there is an abundance of jobs one can choose from. Just wanted to state that this ‘news’ is not representative for the average market. Although I sometimes wonder if there will be dip in the data science field, since the last 5 years everybody and their cat became one
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