For all you contractors / military overseas in the gulf

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  1. For all you contractors / military overseas in the gulf:

    I’ll be heading over to Iraq (or somewhere else in the gulf)as a contractor sometime after the 1st of the year and was interested in hearing about your setups for trading. I’m mostly interested in hearing about where you get/got your bandwidth from (not NIPR I assume…) and how hectic it is/was to actually trade there. I spent 3 ½ years as a contractor for ITT at Camp Phoenix Afghanistan and had what amounted to a 56k connection. Needless to say this wasn’t acceptable for day trading! Satellite wasn’t an option at the time due to base rules. In any case, please share your stories!
  2. wow, no traders working in the gulf?
  3. timbo


    It's hard to trade when you're in a damn war.
  4. I'm in KSA and trade every day. No problem. Though bandwidth is a bit slow...